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Title Comeback - a mother and daughter's journey through hell and back
Authors Mia and Claire Fontaine
ISBN-10 0-06-085971-7
Synopsis WARNING SPOILER Reprint from Amazon reviews

It starts out as a normal story about a child (Mia) being abuse by an adult - in this case her own father. Also as in many cases the mother (Claire) is in denial - not trusting her own instinct leaving the abuse going on all too far. Due to the child's young age, she continues to be in denial about the extent of the damages, the abuse has caused at the child. First she is shocked by the actions the now young teenager daughter does as a cry of help, then she seeks help after having tried to skip off the child to relative living far out in the country in the naïve hope that fresh air would heal the internally scars. The reader is expecting a story about a trip of the mother and daughter joining together in order to heal the child.

But as it turns out, it is nothing of the case. The mother chooses to skip her only child of to a teen prison in the Czech Republic - run by World Wide Specialty Schools and Programs - a company that had its private prison closed by authorities in Mexico, American Samoa and several places in the States. This company runs a strict system where children are cut off from direct communication with their child until the child has confessed to his or her sins.

Now the reader witness the journal of a child which is brainwashed to love her mother again and a mother, who herself choose to undergo a similar manipulation by taking seminars, which is mandated before she can see her own child again. During the treatment the child is sent home after the school - like many of the company's schools - is raided by the Czech authorities just to be sent off to another school in Montana.

Unlike many of the students (as the inmates are called), who ends up with 100 dollars and a bus-ticket, because they can not confess enough off their sins, so they can be accepted back in their family, Mia graduates in the end and everything seems to open up to a bright future for the girl. But the reader sits back with a bad taste in the mouth despite how well-told and profound the story is written. It is a book praising outsourcing of parenting and certainly not meant for readers from Europe where we still have a little left of our family structure and compassion for family members. And finally it is a good book if the reader would investigate the differences in our culture deeper.

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