Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Chrysalis is a behavior modification program located near Eureka in Montana <ref>The facility on Google maps</ref>

The facility was founded in 1998 <ref name="natsap">Program Details on the homepage of NATSAP</ref> by Mary Alexine and Kenny Pannell, who used to work for Montana Academy.

It is for girls only aged between 13 and 18 <ref name=natsap/>

The program is expected to last between 18 and 24 months <ref name=natsap/>

It is not a lockdown program despite the remote location. The webpage of the facility states that it is preferred that the girls enter the program somewhat willingly <ref>Program, homepage of the facility</ref>.

Program structure[redigér]

They use a level system with three levels.

The have group therapy sessions called circles.


They are allowed one phone call home ever, lasting 45 minutes, until they are put on level three. It is monitored by the staff. Parents are allowed to visit but the length and permission to go off campus is regulated by the level status. Also homevisit are restricted by the level status. Even for Christmas.


The girls start out in a internal school in small classes. When the staff find that the girls are ready they can attend the local high school and receive credits from there <ref>A place of growth, by Kristi Albertson, Daily Interlake, September 20, 2009</ref>


The girls have to attend the local Episcopalian church regardless of their personal beliefs <ref>One Experience at the Chrysalis School in Eureka Montana, Eureka Montana News blog (Readers only)</ref>.

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