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Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Cedar Ridge Academy is a behavior modification facility marketed as a boarding school. It is locate north of Roosevelt, Utah <ref>The facility on Google maps</ref>

The program was founded in 1996 <ref name="natsap">Program data on NATSAP</ref>

They are able to detain 70 teenagers of both genders <ref name=natsap/>.

The target group is aged between 13 and 17 <ref name=natsap/>. The program is set to last between 10 and 14 months <ref name=natsap/>.

Rob and Pam Neilson are named as co-founders of Cedar Ridge Academy

Program structure[redigér]

The program works with level system support by a point system. New arrivals start at 400 points. Their behavior during a week result in a number of points gained and lost. There are 9 levels <ref name=hp1>Behavior Management, program homepage</ref>.

Point cards and a Daily Rating Sheets are used to measure behavior on an either weekly or daily basis. In order to be moved up the teenagers has to apply to peers, residential staff, teachers, and therapist <ref name=hp1/>.

Communication with family / peers[redigér]

When the teenager reaches 800 points he or she enters a tradition phase with a number of homevisits which function as supervised probation. After each home visit the visit is evaluated.

The homepage of the program has no information about communication with family and peer when the teenagers in the program has fewer than 800 points.


The homepage state that the program is licensed at the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.

Living Conditions[redigér]

The teenagers are living in small houses functioning as small dorms. They are named Redwood (boys), Sycamore (boys) and Ombu (girls). Inside the houses beside the bed rooms there a a living room and a kitchen. According to photos on the webpage each teenager share the room with one or two teenagers <ref>Campus tour, homepage of the program</ref>.

On the campus there are a school building and a combined cafeteria / gymnasium.


December it was revealed that one of the one of the staff members had been charged with sexually abusing two of the school's teenage residents <ref>School nurse faces sex abuse charges, by Dan Metcalf Jr., ABC 4, December 9, 2009</ref>.

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