Cedar Breaks Academy

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Checked October 1, 2010 <ref>Heal-online, newsletter, October 1, 2010</ref>

Cedar Breaks Academy was a correctional boarding school marketed as a therapeutic boarding school in Parowan, Utah <ref>The facility on Google maps</ref>

The target group was female teenagers aged 12 to 17 <ref name="faq">FAQ page, the former homepage of the facility (November 2007)</ref>. They were able to house pregnant teenagers until the third trimester <ref name=faq/>.

The length of the program was 9 to 12 months <ref name=faq/>.

It is unclear what did happen with the school. The campus now house the Bryce Canyon Academy.

Program structure[redigér]


The amount of communication was determinded by the level system they used at the facility. Communication was done through e-mails, scheduled phone calls, letter writing and communication with the case manager and/or therapist <ref name=faq/>.


The classes were small consisting of about 8 teenagers. They claimed that the facility was accredited through the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools <ref name=faq/>.

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