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Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Caroline Wolf is first mentioned in relationship with the behavior modification industry when she worked at Rocky Mountain Academy, which were a part of CEDU.

About the late 90's she is suddenly found in the wilderness industry after a short stay working for a Teen Escort Company

In a article about her work with the transport company, she mentions being taken by one herself in her teenage year, which maybe explains a possibility of emotional damage, which could explain the at some time anxious behavior experienced by some of the detained teenagers, she worked with.

Past career[redigér]

Firm Period Position
CEDU Running Springs Circa 1977 to Circa 1986. CEDU RS graduate that became a CEDU staff member immediately or shortly after graduating.

Her legal name was Jenny and changed it to Caroline after the Summit workshop. Caroline meets and marries a peer from CEDU RS, Randy Eide. They divorce circa 1993.

Rocky Mountain Academy Circa 1986 to Circa 1993 (According to an article she worked there for 11 years) Voyageur Family Head. Power staff. Former RMA students remember Caroline providing students with alcohol and having sexual encounters with male and female students in the early 90's.
West Shield Adolescent Services Confirmed around 1995 <Ref>TEENS AND TRANSPORTATION by: Caroline Wolf, article on - industry marketing firm.</ref> Transport Agent
Second Nature Wilderness Program Confirmed around 1998 Admissions Director
New Horizons for Young Women From the opening in March 2001 to about 2003 <Ref>NEW HORIZONS WILDERNESS PROGRAM, article on - industry marketing firm.</Ref> Co-founder


She disappeared from the industry around 2003. Present occupation are mentioned to be working at a gasstation in Sandpoint Idaho <Ref>Caroline the Wolf, a thread on Fornits webforum</ref>.

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