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Camp True North is a development boot camp, which offers positive behavior modification with either homebased weekend courses or a 5-day residential camp.

They have two programs for different aged groups:

Children 9-12 of age are offered weekend program lasting 4 weekends where they children sleeps at home.

Children 13-16 of age are offered a 5-day residental camp.

They have developed their concept in co-orparation with a company called Seeds Training <Ref>Homepage of Seeds training</Ref>.

The two programs are voluntary and the parents have to paid about DKK 4,000 for a week and DKK 950 for a weekend.

Program structure[redigér]

Powerserie - agegroup 9-12[redigér]

This serie consist of 4 weekends - each with a theme. The program last from 9-17 saturday and sunday. The children sleeps at home.

  • Weekend 1: Creativity and learning style
  • Weekend 2: Teamwork and problem solution
  • Weekend 3: Communication and relation
  • Weekend 4: Commitment and targetsetting

Camp True North agegroup 13-17[redigér]

The program state to learn the children about:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Setting personal goals
  • Social skill
  • Personal leadership
  • Turn weeknesses into strength
  • Food & Exercise
  • ”Public Speaking”
  • The role as rolemodel
  • Inner strength and focus
  • Motivation of one self and others
  • Project & Time management

The camp starts monday and ends Saturday with a graduation.

Program structure[redigér]

The Programs are designed based on the following theories and methods:

Accelerated Learning Brain-based Development Experiential Training Social and Emotional Intelligence The Learning Styles Multiple Inteligences

The Seeds Training organization is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau of California, the Ministry of Education in Malaysia and the Korean Leadership Institute. Their work is global and is attempting to meld cultures and educational models simultaneously. They have been conducting training programs since 1993 and have no recorded complaints from participants, parents, clients or community members regarding the emotional safety of their work for developing youth.

The trainings are skill-based and aim to improve a young persons ability to learn by balancing academic preparation with the development of effective life skills.


Some of the exercises could be improved. An exercise learns the children to acknowledge errors rather than deny them, but it should be important to learn the children that some incidents have to be investigated further in order to find out whether they actually are errors <Ref>Deres sommerferie blev en alvorlig leg (Their summerholiday became a serious game), by Marlene Mee Ahrens, Berlingske Tidende, August 5 2007</Ref>

Because the camp is private run there is a fear that the existence of such camp will broaden the distance between children of rich and poor further <Ref>Uopdyrket potentiale eller ideologisk målstyring i de riges klub, (Undiscovered potential or ideological target managemetn in the club of the richs], by Mikkel Bording, Information, february 22 2008</Ref>

Others fear that the youth are just too young to be coached.

While the two programs are voluntary, the company are working closely with a the town of Vejle about a mandatory program for the youth who are attending form 10th, which is of great concern, because mandatory coaching have resulted in a lot of psychological damage by partipants in the states <Ref>Coaching - Camp True North, Denmarks Radio P1, June 16 2008</ref>

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