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Camp O'Neal was a behavior modification facility located in California, which closed down about 1990 after a tragic accident where several teenagers and rescuers died.

The owner - Bobbi Trott - did later open Crater Lake School in Oregon.

The targetgroup was male boys. They stayed at the facility between six and 18 months <ref name="lat">Camp O'Neal: Privately Owned Institution for Juveniles, Los Angeles Times, February 20, 1990</ref>

They were able to detain 50 teenagers <ref name=lat/>. Most of the boys were referred there by juvenile authorities in the San Joaquin Valley <ref name=lat/>

Program structure[redigér]

The teenagers spent their days working in school and were assigned tasks away from the camp, including snow clearing and chopping wood in the winter <ref name=lat/>


The counsolors aided the teenagers with classroom studies as well as instruction in skilled trades, such as wood carving. It is not known how the program was accredited <ref name=lat/>


On Presidents day 1990 three teenagers fell through the ice on a lake. 4 persons - among them two counselors died while trying to rescue them. After an inquiry into the matter the license for the group home was revoked <ref>Camp's License Revoked after downing probe, The Bulletin - Feb 27, 1991</ref>

At the time of the closure there was also an investigation into claims of sexual abuse <ref>State closes Camp where seven died, Lodi News-Sentinel - March 16, 1990</ref>

Later the consulting psychiatrist Dr. James H. White got his license temporarily suspended for actions not related to his work <ref>SANTA ANA Camp Psychiatrist Told Not to Practice, Los Angeles Times, April 17, 1990</Ref>. He was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison <ref>Psychiatrist sentenced for molesting adopted son Victim, now 30, says he feels justice served, San Antonio Express-News, January 11, 1991</ref>

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  • Info: Google News search - there are several articles, which can be bought covering the incident that closed the facility.

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