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Boot Camp is a psychological thriller by Christian Duguay , starring Mila Kunis, Gregory Smith and Peter Stormare. Filming began on October 2, 2006; the film was released on DVD in Europe in 2007. It is about teenagers who get sent to a rehabilitation camp in Fiji who are abused and brainwashed. This movie is based on true events.

The models the camp is built on seems to be a combination of the many Samoa camps which have been operating over time. Some continues to be in business as today. See the Samoa category:

Review by Agent Smith[redigér]

From a thread on the anti-wwasp forum <Ref>Boot Camp the movie FREE, a thread on the antiwwasp message board</Ref>

Er... throughout the movie, I was constantly either laughing or cringing. And when I say cringing, I don't mean cringing at the cruelty of the program, but cringing at the quality of the film itself. I feel awful saying that, but there 'tis.

The wooden acting and theatrical dialogue made for a total joke; the only character I believed was the owner of the program himself. (Very well done on his part, with excellent line delivery.) But I must say, that girl was HOT. I don't care HOW bad of an actress she is; I hope to see her in DOZENS of new films for years to come! I think it's absolutely criminal that I'm only finding out about her NOW.

Having torn apart the acting and dialogue, I'll now move onto the writing. From the beginning, I was pissed- why is it that everybody in these films gets sent to these programs for a reason? For ONCE, I just want to see them heckling the main character with "Why are you here?" and, after several beatings, the guy keeps on saying, "Dude, seriously, I just don't know," and MEAN it! But NOOO, these guys were LYING about not knowing why they were there! Each and every one of them had done something, which just feeds the whole stereotypical notion that none of these kids have parents who are 100% certified Grade A SHIT.

But, I got past that, and kept watching. Then we get to the part where her boyfriend fakes a drug habit to get to her, and I'm like, WHOA! Hold up! If I had a girlfriend THAT hot, I'm sure I'd be tempted to go over there too, but DUUUUUDE?!? I mean, what the HELL was he thinking? Apparently, he's underage, meaning he can't get out until he either graduates or escapes. So, totally ASSUMING that his one and only plan for escape would work, he basically gambles his life away and boats over there. Since they were stupid enough to walk on the sand and leave footprints (any REAL program survivor would know that's a no-no, and WHY didn't they just walk in the water?) AND go to a hotel while wearing their uniforms (HELLO? Ever heard of "bounty?"), they get caught, and in the middle of sex. I like the fact that the couple is somehow relaxed enough to have sex, in spite of everything they're going through. I would've been jacked up on caffeine and carrying a homemade weapon of some sort at all times, but that's just crazy old me. At any rate, those boys who walked in on them were REALLY lucky.

Now we get to the only part in the movie that I could relate to, and that was the part where the owner threatens to punish the girl if the boy fucks up. Having been in the boy's position (kinda), I could TOTALLY relate to that. It felt pretty real until I realized that the boy was about to be sent home with a black eye and plenty of REALLY obvious injuries. Did somebody say, "Lawsuit?" I mean, come on, if you're going to be a fucked-up child abuser, go about it PROPERLY! Let the boy heal before you force him out AGAINST HIS OWN WILLl! And he calls himself a monster...

Then, of course, there's the riot. As a wet dream, it works really well. As a plot device, it kinda takes away from the realism. A lot. But that's just me.

Off the top of my head, the only other thing that bugged me was that they didn't piss on the owner after they threw him into the pit. How could ANYBODY pass up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like that? I know I sure as hell couldn't!

Having said that (and FINALLY getting on a serious note), I'm not implying that I know how to do a program movie correctly, because I don't. I've brainstormed about it repeatedly, and there are numerous barriers:

- How the hell do you summarize a couple of years of one kid's experience in two hours, let alone a collaboration of MANY kids' experiences? Not to mention the variety of programs that are out there.

- For maximum effect, you need a movie where rules such as no talking and no looking at the opposite sex are enforced. But if the characters can't talk, how do they express themselves? It's like trying to make a movie out of 1984: with most of the story taking place in Winston's head, how can you translate that into an audio-visual story? You can't, at least not very well. Granted, you COULD try a movie with almost no dialogue, like they did with 2001: A Space Odyssey. Only problem is, I really hated that movie.

So, I have nothing constructive to offer- just negative opinions!

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