Bell Academy

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Bell Academy was a WWASP facility located on 10650 Road 256, Terra Bella, California <Ref>The former facility on Google maps</Ref>

It did open around 2003 but was shut down a short time later when the autorities in California demanded that they were licensed <Ref>Bell Academy shuts down, By Henry Winckel, The Porterville Recorder, September 26, 2003)</ref>.

The founders of the facility did open the Nevada Horizon Academy close to the border between Nevada and California. Nevada has less regulation for boarding schools <Ref>Private school quietly opens in Amargosa Valley, By PHILLIP GOMEZ, Pahrump Valley Times, June 29, 2005</Ref>

September 2009 the entire campus is for sale <Ref>Former Residential Care Facility, 10650 Road 256, Terra Bella, CA 93270, loopnet</ref>

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