Behavior modification in German TV

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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This page is about some German TV-shows where they use various aspects of behavior modification.

Teenager ausser kontrolle[redigér]

This is a German version using the English Brat Camp concept. So far (2010) there has been 4 seasons - See main article Brat Camp

Die Bräuteschule 1958[redigér]

In this show 12 female teenagers were living at a all-female boarding school environment from the 1950's making them prepared to be good housewives. The english title is "The bride Academy". The teenagers did live in this environment for 6 weeks. They had to wear uniforms from that period for the entire 6 weeks. Other rules were no makeup and having their hair styled with pony tails. No tobacco and alcohol was allowed on campus but some boys from the nearby village hired from the production company smuggled tobacco into the campus.

As punishment the girls was forced to work on the campus.

Die harte schule der 50er Jahre[redigér]

In this TV-show both male and female teeenagers experiencing a 3 weeks stay in a boarding school as they were in the 1950s. Like with the BräuteSchule the experience include haircut and mandatory use of uniforms.

Among the behavior modification methods used in this show is isolation from peers and manuel labor in the fields.

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