Beattie Academy

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Beattie Academy was project created to open an behavior modification facility which were going to open in the building, which were formerly known as the old Beattie Public School <Ref>Beattie council OK's sale of school, by Vernita Peeks, The Marysville Advocate, December 07, 2005</Ref> <Ref>Beattie Academy owners plan to move ahead soon, The Marysville Advocate, August 23, 2006</Ref> <Ref>Kansas Register</Ref>

The founder was Joseph AhQuin from Utah - brother of Clay AhQuin from Liahona Academy.

However in 2007 the building was sold to a company, which wanted to use the gym hall for computer parts <Ref>Twin Valley purchases Beattie School, By Sally Gray, The Marysville Advocate, March 21, 2007</Ref>

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