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Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Bay Point Schools is a behavior modification program located two places around Maimi, Florida <ref>The main campus on Google maps</ref> <ref>North campus on Google maps</ref>

The facility accept both juveniles from the court system and youth enrolled on private basis <ref>Admission, homepage of the facility</ref>. The target group is males aged between 14 and 17,5.

Program structure[redigér]

The facility emphasizes <ref name="hp1">Our Approach, homepage of the facility</ref>:

  • Positive peer pressure
  • Immediate confrontation of negative behavior
  • Incentive-based rewards

The homepage mentions a level system but not how many levels there are <ref name=hp1/>

Notable alumni[redigér]


Actress Pamela Anderson are mentioned among fundraisers for the program <ref>Pamela Anderson’s All-Star Gala Outing, By: Jane, Celebrity Gossip, January 20, 2008</ref>

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