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Auldern Academy is a boarding school being investigated by the Fornits webforum whether it is a behavior modification facility.

It is located on 990 Glovers Grove Church Road, Siler City, North Carolina 27344 <ref>The facility on Google maps</ref>

It is a girls only facility. They have to be between 14 and 18 years of age <ref name="natsap">Program data on NATSAP</ref>

They are able to detain 48 girls up to 4 years with a rolling admission <ref name=natsap/>.

It was founded in 2001 <ref name=natsap/>.

Program structure[redigér]

The operate a kind of level system, where new girls can apply for "full community status".

Living conditions[redigér]

4 girls share a single room, Each girl has a closet, a dresser, a bed, and two girls share a desk. Each room has a separate bathroom and a shower. Also each room has a certain day to do their laundry <ref>Crgirl523's blog about her life at Auldern</ref>

Conflicting statements regarding the living standards[redigér]

let this be known that the bedrooms and bathroom showers are filled with mold, on the carpets and the ceiling....
Statement made by IP-number
This is wrong I went there there are two floors in the dorm and it is nice the bottom floor is for the girls who have the lower stages and the upper floor is apartment for when you earn independent living. Auldern Academy is in no way like a Prison, It has one of the best academic programs for a boarding school that I have seen. The Teachers are great and you get to go out on the weekends like to movies, and manicures, book stores, a lot of stuff sometimes even small concerts. Who ever made this website about how the school sucks obviously didnt go there or is upset with there life and want to make everyon elses miserable Please spare me it is a good program I graduated high school there and can honestly say that in the long run it was a helpul place.
Statement made by IP-number

the place is a mess. not physically...the reason its spotless is because the girls are required to wake up early and clean it each morning and can't got to breakfast until deemed "satisfactory". it's a mess in terms of most everything else though. i was manipulated out of the education i was promised and the "therapy" did more harm than good in many instances. the majority o the girls i knew with more deep-seeded issues than they arrived with. they've obviously been writing their own reviews, as no one who has spent a significant span of time there would speak of it with much fondness. it makes me cringe that it is officially titled as a 'therapeutic boarding school'...don't be fooled, it is a Residential Treatment Center in every sense of the word, and there are absolutely some questionable methods in use, and if you look closely enough, there are subtle tinges of a religious agenda at play.

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