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Alternative Youth Academy is a military styled Day school parents can choose to enroll their children in if they are living in Roswell, Georgia

Program structure[redigér]

The webpage state

  • Discipline and schedule that models a military setting
  • Program schedule is Monday through Friday from 06:00 hrs until 18:00 hours
  • Participation in an accredited program that builds credit toward a high school diploma.
  • Students are called cadets while in the school
  • Parents or guardians may enroll students with or without their consent
  • Students are picked up and dropped off from their homes Monday through Friday
  • Cadets are placed on a behavioral contract uniquely created based upon their current behavior (unruly, truant, substance abuse, etc.)
  • Student enrollment at AYA includes authorization for the academy to conduct random drug tests and on-property searches
  • AYA officers receive reports from the cadet's parents or guardian to enshure contract compliance at home.
  • The contract expires when the parents withdraw the cadet from school
  • Students are taught discipline, organizational skills and respect for themselves and others
  • Cadets enrolled in AYA participate in a community service program which helps local businesses and government agencies reduce their cost of subcontracted services such as landscaping, cleaning, etc.
  • Cadets are given the option to receive mental health counseling and therapy if desired


The teenagers don't comply with the strict rules at the academy, they can get banished to a another boot camp - Restoration Youth Academy -where they have to live.

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