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Academy at Sisters is a therapeutic boarding school using behavior modification methods and marketed as a boarding school for at-risk girls. It is located east of Bend, Oregon <Ref>The Silvis campus on Google maps</Ref>

It was founded in 1995

It can detain 58 teenagers on two different campuses <Ref name="natsap">Program records on NATSAP Us9.GIF</Ref>. The Lodge campus is located on 16161 Burgess Road in La Pine <ref>The area around the Lodge campus on Google maps</ref>

The length of the program last about 12 to 18 months <ref name=natsap/>.

Beside the girls program the owners - J Bar J Youth services also runs a program for boys called J Bar J Boys Ranch, an out-reach program named Cascade Youth & Family Center, a horse show and an activity called Big Brothers Big Sisters <ref>Bar J Youth Services</Ref>

Program structure[redigér]

The program use a level system. The teenage girls start at the Lodge Campus <ref name=campus/>. Here the focus is the therapy enforced by isolation from peers together with extended family and manual labor <ref>Academy at Sisters Boarding School Builds Accessible Trail, press-release on</ref> to wear the teenage girl down to an emotional breakthrough can be achieved.

Once they reach certain goals set up by the program they transfer to the Read Campus <ref name=campus/>.


They are acredited by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, which was involved in a scandal in the state of New York where a school had issued high school diplomas without the necessary state authorizations. The work with a local High School in the La-pine School district<ref>RELEASE AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT, Academy at Sisters
Disclosure to Schools. The Academy may disclose Student’s records to the Bend-La Pine
School District, or to any other educational institution or school district
the Academy, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate.
</ref> According to the homepage education in a high school environment is only offered at the read campus <ref name="campus">Campuses, homepage of the facility</ref>.

Notable alumni[redigér]


In relationship with the legislation process of the HR 911, parents commented on the situation of their daughters <ref>H.R. 5876, The Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act of 2008
Like Joyce my daughter was put in the Academy at Sisters by her father. I fought in the courts to get her out but these places will lie and turn the kids against the parent trying to protect them. They are cults. The staff is untrained, frequently are "survivors" of these programs who can't make it in the real world and they makes decisions about these kids that can impact their futures. The accreditation organization (NATSAP) is a joke-a paper tiger. They have standards these places agree to follow such as having a grievance procedure for the students and allowing a "diversity" of opinion but there are no consequences for non-compliance. It's amazing that more training and licensing is required for someone to cut my hair or do a manicure than is required for someone working with troubled youth.</ref>

March 2010 the main campus was hit by a small fire. It didn't result in greater damage <ref>Microwave Sparks Small Bend Fire, by, Glenn Vaagen, My Central Oregon, March 25, 2010</ref>

During the summer of 2010 civil rights organizations in several countries turned their attention to this school based on the detention without trial of a teenager who approached the Fornits message board for help<ref>Academy at Sisters, a thread on the fornits message board</ref>. However cultural differences and tradition in methods used has made the campaign difficult <ref>Sometime fight for human rights feels like a lost cause, Secret Prisons for Teens blog, July 14, 2010</ref>. A facebook group has been set up prevent this girl from being at risk of ending up on the victim lists <ref>Programs Anonymous, Facebook</ref> <ref>Citizens in the United States are concerned, Minors in residential placement research center, August 24, 2010</ref>

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