This page used to host a wiki-database that was created in 2009. It hosted information about child abuse in residential settings. It was hacked in 2021 and due to raising costs of hosting of websites in Denmark, it will not be restored.

While the wiki is gone, we refer to a blog containing many of the facilities, which used to be described on this page.

Residential treatment can hurt more than it helps. Treatment should always be done based on an individual need but sadly it is often not done due to concerns about making profit.
Many victims have stepped forward with their brave testimonies about what happened to them. As of 2020 you can google #BreakingCodeSilence and find more.
Here are some of the blogs, they have posted testimonies in.

  • A bad experience (Dark Memories from the past - testimonial blog)
  • Asylum Horrible (Website hosted by Minors in residential placement research center)
  • Just another hike (About wilderness therapy - hosted by Minors in residential placement research center)

Not only did many have to struggle with the memories of their time in residential treatment programs, some never made it home. Here is a memorial blog of victims. On the page you will observe that children die in residential treatment programs in across the globe. Each country and each state should have legislation protecting children in treatment programs but in many places religious or lack of other jobs prevent this from happening. As result children die.

For many first step is being awoken by a so-called professional transport team in their own bed. Alone this can be very traumatic. Many of us are parents. What is the first lesson, we learn our children?
Never follow strangers What should a child about to be transported then believe when they are restrained by unknown adults and taken away, sometime in handcuffs and shackles? Below is a blog about such experiences:

Message boards

If you want to be part of the discussion and share your experiences among other how have to carry the burden of the memories from their stay in the industry, these message boards can be used.