WinGate Wilderness Therapy

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WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a wilderness therapy program that avoids using behavior modification techniques.

The program was founded in 2008 <ref name=nat/>. According to Salt Lake Tribune the program is employee-owned, led by founder and executive director Shayne Gallagher, who also founded Walkabout / Outback Therapeutic Expeditions.

The admission office is in Kanab, Utah, but they use the western section of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument situated between Lake Powell and Zion National Park for hikes.

They are liscensed for 35 students and the program lasts about 8 weeks <ref name="nat">Datasheet at NATSAP</ref>.

They allow the use of transport firms

Program structure

They don't use a level system but instead they use Prochaska’s model of change as method. The model have 6 steps:

  • Precontemplation - lack of awareness that life can be improved by a change in behavior;
  • Contemplation - recognition of the problem, initial consideration of behavior change, and information gathering about possible solutions and actions;
  • Preparation - introspection about the decision, reaffirmation of the need and desire to change behavior, and completion of final pre-action steps;
  • Action - implementation of the practices needed for successful behavior change (e.g. exercise class attendance);
  • Maintenance - consolidation of the behaviors initiated during the action stage;
  • Termination - former problem behaviors are no longer perceived as desirable (e.g. skipping a run results in frustration rather than pleasure).

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