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|26||Stephen Francis Honaker||30||[[Spring Creek Lodge]]||June 15, 2017||Undisclosed causes <ref>[ Stephen Francis Honaker Obituary], The Dignity Memorial</ref>
|26||Stephen Francis Honaker||30||[[Spring Creek Lodge]]||June 15, 2017||Undisclosed causes <ref>[ Stephen Francis Honaker Obituary], The Dignity Memorial</ref>
|27||Jordan Cameron Maurer||19||[[SUWS]] and [[Elk Mountain Academy]]||January 8, 2018||Undisclosed causes <ref>[ Jordan Cameron Maurer Obituary],</ref>

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This page contains a list of names of children lost during program (LDP) or at some point shortly after the program.

This page covers the period from Januar 1, 2010. Deaths which have occured prior to this date has been moved to separate pages.

Other periods

Period 1950's 1970's 1980's 1990's 2000-4 2005-9 2010 -
Died during program 1 3 20 51 37 32 28
Died after program None None 3 1 8 27 26

Please notice that not all deaths are recorded as the news about some deaths are kept out of the media to marketing and settlements. If you have been at a program and know of a death please notice that this pages only include entries which can be verified by links.

Lost during program

# Name Age Program Date Cause of death (If investigated or published at all)
1 Taylor Mangham 15 Liahona Academy January 19, 2010 Brain aneurysm <ref>Memorial event will help raise awareness about brain aneurysms, BY SUSAN MCFARLAND, The Keller Citizen, January 18, 2011</ref>
2 Levi Snyder 17 New Hope Carolinas treatment center June 12, 2010 Found dead, investigation not complete <ref>Teenager found dead at Rock Hill psychiatric center, by Cleve R. Wootson Jr.,Charlotte Observer, June 12, 2010
Teenager found dead at center, a thread on the Fornits message boards</ref>
3 Carnez Boone 14 Yes Academy July 30, 2010 Downed during an outing <ref>Mom suing after son dies in summer drowning, by Jan Ransom,, February 5, 2011</ref>
4 Shanice Nibbs 17 Five Oaks Achievement Center August 18, 2010 Complications of hypothermia<ref>Teen who collapsed at residential treatment facility dies, by Terri Langford, The Houston Chronicle, August 18, 2010
RTC teen dies: 8-13-10, a thread on the Fornits messageboard</ref>
5 Natasha Newman 17 Sunrise RTC October 17, 2010 Bizarre car accident <ref>Girl from troubled youth center killed in rollover, By Paul Koepp, Deseret News, October 17, 2010</ref>
6 Gracie James 17 Sunrise RTC October 20, 2010 Aftermath of bizarre car accident <ref>Obituary - Gracie James,
Gracie James, whose writing gleamed with insights; at 17, By Bryan Marquard, The Boston Globe, November 5, 2010</ref>
7 Michael Owens 16 Daystar Residential, Inc. November 5, 2010 Complications from a restraint <ref>Boy Dies Of Restraint-Related Asphyxiation. by Emily Ramshaw and Terri Langford, Houston Chronicle, November 8, 201</Ref>
8 Roger Eugene Benson 15 Unnamed group home in Lynnwood January 21, 2011 Fell from bridge onto traffic on I-5 <ref>The boy who killed himself on I-5, The news Click Seattle, February 28, 2011
Group home security:, a thread on the Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora</ref>
9 Dyskeha Streeter 16 Divine Guidance group home, North Carolina March 28, 2011 Blood clots in her lungs <ref>Neighbors Report Weekly Yelling From Suspended Group Home, By: JIM NIEDELMAN , WNCT STAFF, Eyewitness 9 News, March 30, 2011
Girl dies at Divine Guidance Integrative Services, March2011, a thread on the Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora</ref>
10 Benjamin James Lolley 16 Salem4youth August 26, 2011 Apparent victim of a suicide, according to Woodford County Coroner Tim Ruestman. <ref>Ben Lolley, former EHS student, dies, By DeWayne Bartels, Woodford Times, August 29, 2011
Benjamin James Lolley, Find a Grave</ref>
11 Caitlin A. Lee 15 ChildServ October 30, 2011 Found dead on railroad tracks <ref>Caitlin A. Lee, Obituary
Suicide at ChildServ, a thread om the Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora</ref>
12 Daniel Huerta 17 Big Cypress Wilderness Institute December 8, 2011 Killed in traffic accident during transport. Driver which was an employee of the program had numerous traffic ticket and drove on a suspended license <ref>2 killed, 6 'Swamp Boys' injured in SUV rollover crash in Everglades canal, Naples Daily News staff report, December 9, 2011
Trip to athletic event turns tragic for Lee County youths, by Mark S. Krzos, Marcos Island Florida, December 9, 2011</ref>
13 Anthony Parker 16 One Way Farm Childrens Home‎ December 27, 2011 Died as result of an beating by another boy <ref>More charges may come after teen death from beating, By Hannah Poturalski, Middletown Journal, December 29, 2011</ref>
14 Corey Foster 16 Leake & Watts residential treatment center January 18, 2012 Died shortly after being restrained. Investigation pending <ref>Leake & Watts boy's death: 'I can't breathe,' boy shouts after staffers piled onto him, witness says, by Will David and Shawn Cohen, New York's Lower Hudson Valley, April 19, 2012
Death at Leake & Watts, Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora</ref>
15 Joseph Winters 14 Rose Rock treatment center February 1, 2013 Died on his first day at the treatment facility - cause of death under investigation <ref>Teen boy with autism dies at treatment facility, by La'Tasha Givens, KFOR, February 5 2013</ref>
16 Abrielle Kira Bartels 14 The Milton S. Hershey school June 29,2013 Suicide at home after being denied access to graduation <ref>Mother of girl who killed herself says Milton S. Hershey School made an 'inhumane decision', By Ivey DeJesus, PennLive, July 03, 2014
17 Paige Elizabeth Lunsford 14 Carlton Palms Education Center July 6, 2013 Medical neglect and inadequate supervision. Was strapped down and forcely medicated <ref>Teen's death, abuse complaints, arrests bring state pressure on Carlton Palms By Stephen Hudak, Orlando Sentinel, September 20, 2014</ref>
18 (Name withheld) ? Diamond Ranch Academy September 2013 Suicide <ref>DIAMOND RANCH ACADEMY - CONFIRMATION - ANOTHER CHILD'S LIFE IS LOST - "SUICIDE COMPLETION", Jillie's Take! - blog</ref>
19 Kenneth Barkley 15 OhioGuidestone group home January 7, 2014 Died after having been restrained <ref>Teen who died following altercation at Berea group was physically restrained, By Evan MacDonald, Northeast Ohio Media Group, January 8, 2014</ref> Death has been ruled a homicide <ref>Death of teen who was physically restrained at Berea group home ruled homicide, By Evan MacDonald, Northeast Ohio Media Group, May 21 2014</ref>
20 Khalil Todd 12 The Lighthouse (Clayton, NC) March 10, 2014 Killed by trafic just after he escaped <Ref>Group home suspended, fined after 12-year-old resident killed, Amanda Lamb, WRAL, April 9, 2014</Ref>
21 Unnamed girl 15 Summit School (Nyack, New York)‎ September 5, 2014 Found dead. Ruled suicide <ref>15-year-old girl found dead Friday at Summit school, by Lee Higgins, Lohud - The Journal News, September 9, 2014</ref> <ref>15-year-old's death at Summit school ruled suicide, by Steve Lieberman, Lohud - The Journal News, September 9, 2014</ref>.
22 Cristian Cuellar-Gonzales 15 Brookhaven Youth Ranch October 12, 2014 Death under investigation <ref>Mom Blames Youth Ranch for Son's Death, By ERIK DE LA GARZA, Courthouse news service, October 12, 2016</ref>
23 Alec Sanford Lansing 17 Trails Carolina Between november 10 and 23, 2014 Left wilderness group, found dead on November 23. Cause of death unknown <ref>Body Found in Jackson County Susupected to be that of Missing Teen, WLOS news, November 23 2014</Ref>
24 Nicholas Grant 16 Circle C Youth and Family Services January 14, 2015 Died after being beaten with a vacuum cleaner by other teenagers at a group home <ref>Teen Beaten At Group Home Dies In Hospital, By Heather Abraham, CBS local, January 14 2015</ref>
25 Unnamed boy 15 Concept House, Miami February 8, 2015 Found hanging from a pipe not 24 hours after being admitted under suicide watch <ref>Parents sue over son’s hanging a day into his stay at center, BY CARLI TEPROFF, Miami Herald, March 18 2015</ref>
26 Del’Quan Seagers 16 AMIkids Sand Hills November 25, 2015 Undetermined. Possible gang-related ritual being punched in the chest caused heart failure <ref>Into the wilderness: Secretive South Carolina camps come under scrutiny following teen's death, by Jennifer Berry Hawes and Glenn Smith, The Post and Courier, October 8 - 2017</ref>
27 Shaquan Allen 16 Allendale Association, Lake Villa, Illinois March 30, 2016 Death under investigation <ref>C'They Took My Baby's Life': 2 Charged in Death of Teen at Residential Treatment Center, Chicago 5 News, April 2, 2016</ref>
28 Janania N Barnhart 15 Advoserv, Kirkwood, Delaware September 12, 2016 Death under investigation <ref>Child dies under care of Delaware facility, by Brittany Horn, Delaware Online, september 15, 2016</ref>
29 Unknown 17 Wordsworth Academy October 13, 2016 Death under investigation <ref>TEEN DIES AFTER STRUGGLE WITH STAFF AT WORDSWORTH ACADEMY IN PHILADELPHIA, WPVI-TV, October 14, 2016</ref>
30 Unknown Unknown Piedmont Behavioral Health Center, LLC‎ November 24, 2017 Found dead, investigation ongoing <ref>Admissions at North Spring health facility halted after resident’s death, Loudoun Times-Mirror, december 5, 2017</ref>

Lost after leaving the program

Due to privacy issues we don't state cause of death unless it is stated in the reference.

# Name Age Program Date Cause of death (If investigated or published at all)
1 Jessica Laren Harris 17 Aspiro Wilderness Program
West Ridge Academy
March 8, 2010 Complications from a suicide attempt <ref>Frozen In Time, One Perspective blog
You Make My Life Worthwhile, Becoming Stefanie Despain blog
2 Brendon Patrick Deasey 24 Carlbrook April 10,2010 Struggle with illness which should have been cured at the facility <ref>Brendon Patrick Deasey, obituary</ref>
3 Michael James Perry 28 Casa by the Sea July 1, 2010 Executed for a murder which took place while he was in jail. Sentence based completely on evidence from a medical examiner who had been caught lying <ref>Michael James Perry Executed, by Jessica Molinar, KFOX14, July 1, 2010</ref>.
4 Mark Allen Selby 21 Catherine Freer Wilderness Program
and Santiam Crossing
November 13, 2010 Alleged car accident<ref>Mark Allen Selby, Gazette Times, November 17, 2010
Pathway to Peace, By Jennifer Moody, Albany Democrat-Herald, Gazette Times, November 20, 2011</ref>
5 Thomas Victor Riley 18 CALO - Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks December 25, 2010 Died from complications of a lifestyle, which should have been addressed during treatment <ref>Obituary,</ref>
6 Adam Gibbon 22 Second Nature Wilderness program January 6, 2011 Bilateral bronchopneumonia contributed by oxycodone, alprazolam and alcohol <Ref>Long Valley's Gibbon Went Through Life-Changing Journey as a Teen, By Jason Koestenblatt, LongValleyPatch, February 22, 2011
Autopsy: Long Valley Native Acquitted in Death By Auto Died of Pneumonia, LongValleyPatch, February 16, 2011</ref>
7 Michele Tresler-Ulriksen 41 Victory Christian Academy April 2011 Alleged suicide due to emotional scars from the stay at the facility <ref>Michele Tresler-Ulriksen (41) died from an overdose of Valium mixed with Grey Goose vodka, Mydeathspace, April 08, 2011</ref>. Author of the book Reform at Victory
8 Leslie Carter 25 Cross Creek Programs January 31, 2012 Undisclosed causes <ref>Leslie Carter, Wikipedia</ref>
9 Brittney Rose Serpa 18 Bromley Brook School April 5, 2012 Undisclosed causes<ref>Obituary</ref>
10 Kristina Anne Kuhn 22 Darrington Academy December 1, 2012 Undisclosed causes <ref>Kristina Anne Kuhn - obituary,</ref>
11 Scott Chapin Gardner 22 Sorenson's Ranch School December 4, 2012 Undisclosed causes <ref>Obituary</ref>
12 Sebastian Kardatzke 22 ABM Ministries February 5, 2013 Undisclosed causes <ref>obituary</ref>
13 Tiffany Sedaris 49 Elan School May 24, 2013 Suicide <ref>In Memoriam – Tiffany Sedaris, The Summerville Times, June 13 - 2013</ref>
14 Charlotte Rose McNeil MacLean 19 Eva Carlston Academy August 3, 2013 Killed in a car crash <ref>Teen remembered as ‘wonderful gem’, by Julian J. Ramos, Santa Maria Times, August 18, 2013</ref>
15 Jessica Daniela Anne Turn-about Ranch November 25, 2013 Unknown reasons <ref>Facebook memorial page</ref>
16 Connor Joseph Kelly 18 Midwest Academy, Keokuk March 13, 2014 Undisclosed causes <ref>Obituary</ref>
17 Thomas J. Andrews Tharp 19 Cedar Ridge Academy June 25, 2014 Undisclosed causes <ref>Obituary</ref>
18 Alden Lansing Palermo 23 Academy at Swift River July 4, 2014 Undisclosed causes, suddenly <ref>Obituary</ref>
19 Johanna Elizabeth Ginther 26 Sorenson's Ranch School September 24, 2014 Undisclosed causes <ref>Obituary</ref>
20 Elizabeth May Weaver 29 Cross Creek Programs and High Impact December 1, 2014 Undisclosed causes <ref>Obituary</ref>
21 Amanda Leanne O'Rear 27 Pathway Family Center March 2, 2015 Undisclosed causes <ref>Obituary</ref>
22 Molly Alice Parks 24 Covenant Hills Treatment Centers April 16, 2015 Overdose <ref>Obituary
Dad Writes Brutally Honest Obituary After Daughter Dies of Heroin Overdose, People Magazine, April 24, 2015</ref>
23 Adrian Filipo McCall 25 Second Nature Wilderness program
Willow Creek School
June 9, 2015 Accident <ref>Obituary</ref>
24 Timothy Joshua Stetson 22 Catalyst RTC September 20, 2015 Overdose <ref>Obituaty</ref>
25 Jonathan David Martin-Crawford 36 The Family Foundation School October 24, 2015 Passed away at home <ref>Obituary</ref>
25 Kevin James Medeiros 22 Academy at Swift River December 24, 2016 Accidential overdose <ref>RIP Kevin Medeiros, The Newport Buzz</ref>
26 Stephen Francis Honaker 30 Spring Creek Lodge June 15, 2017 Undisclosed causes <ref>Stephen Francis Honaker Obituary, The Dignity Memorial</ref>
27 Jordan Cameron Maurer 19 SUWS and Elk Mountain Academy January 8, 2018 Undisclosed causes <ref>Jordan Cameron Maurer Obituary,</ref>

Missing in action

- moved to a separate page - Missing and wanted -

The Julian Youth Academy campus neglect case

- Main article: Julian Youth Academy campus neglect case -

A mummified body of a 4 day old baby girl was found on the campus of The Julian Youth Academy. Due to the fact that the girl was not enrolled in the program the baby is not recorded on the official victim list.

Straight Inc. and spin-offs

Some of the most deadly program when we are talking of the survival rate among former participants is the Straight Inc. and the spin-off programs.

The survivor community have a list of names on their memorial site. The people who have moved to the next world are tagged with RIP <Ref>Kids of Bergen County / KIDS of North Jersey partipants list is here</ref>

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