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The world's strictest parents is a TV-show developed by TwentyTwenty Television original broadcasted by BBC.

The concept is that so-called unruly teenagers are sent to live with a host family for a week. During the week they receive an Impact letter from their birth parents with a list of issues they should try to fix.

Country oversight


Seven Network also created their own series of The World's Strictest Parents, hosted by singer and actor Axel Whitehead. It debuted in Australia on 22 July 2009. However, a sneak peek was shown on the 24 June 2009 and was the top watched show of the week, with 1.875 million people tuning in. Whitehead's song Way Home was featured in the advertisments.

Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Jess and Kyle Gibson Family in Indiana <Ref

name="Yahoo7">All episodes, Seven Network homepage</Ref>

2 Baylie and Jono Bethe Family in South Africa <Ref name=Yahoo7/> Jono was given a haircut without being asked of his religious belief and attended a Military school (Grey High School)
3 Emily and Harry Coleman Family in Ireland <Ref name=Yahoo7/>
4 Memphis and Zaine Chua Family in Singapore <Ref name=Yahoo7/>
5 Stacey and Micah Davies Family in Tennessee <Ref name=Yahoo7/>

The Australian TV-station did also broadcast the original BBC season one.

The loss of his invidiual identity traumatized Jono so much that he was arrested after a night of heavy drinking trying to forget his ordeal <ref>Teen tamers need to get real, by Rachel Browne, The Sydney Morning Herald, October 4, 2009</ref>. Forcing a student to wear a school uniform is in violation with the 1998 ruling of the Australian Ombudsman Fred Albietz <Ref>Those disgusting School Uniforms, Optionality Magazine, October 1998</ref>.


In Denmark the show is called "Verdens strengeste forældre" and it is broadcasted by TV3. The host families was located in both Denmark and abroad.

Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Morten and Anastasia Coleman Family in Ireland <Ref name="ok">Verdens strengeste forældre, On TV3</Ref>
2 Frederik and Karen Pattisson Family in Louisiana <ref name=ok/>
3 Morten and Sasha Hammeken family in Greenland <ref name=ok/>
4 Trine and Kodjo Grønbech family in Denmark <ref name=ok/>
5 Michelle and Malou Margit and Joergen in Denmark <ref name=ok/>
6 Henriette and Kim Soerensen family in Denmark <ref name=ok/>


In Germany the show is called "Die strengsten Eltern der Welt". It is broadcasted by Kabel Eins

Episode Teenagers Family Notes Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Aylin and Markus Sairoua Family in Kenya <Ref name="ke">Folgen, Kabel Eins</Ref> 6 Michaele und Tino ? family in Romania<Ref name=ke/>
2 Soner and Laura ? family in Finland <Ref name=ke/> 7 Dominic and Alica ? family in Ukraine<Ref name=ke/>
3 Shiva and Nico ? family in Spain <Ref name=ke/> 8 Vivian and Robin ? family in Washington <Ref name=ke/>
4 Anna and Pisei
Agnes and Stephen
? family in Montana
? family in Morocco <Ref name=ke/>
9 Marcel and Vivien Christina Spence and John Blackwell in New Zealand<Ref name=ke/>
5 Dennis and Jenny Calista und Jotty in Namibia <Ref name=ke/>

United Kingdom

BBC season one series
Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Naomi and Ross God-fearing Garnett family in Alabama <Ref name="bbc">Episodes list, BBC</Ref>
2 Sam and Charlotte Roses in Jamaica<Ref name=bbc/>
3 Lizzie and Stefan Adega family in Ghana<Ref name=bbc/>
4 Josh and Charlotte Sharma family in India<Ref name=bbc/>
5 Grant and Lucy Moolman family in South Africa<Ref name=bbc/>

In the original series the teenagers were shipped to another country for a week. A second season was ordered <Ref>Religious discipline, by Mel Bezalel, The Jerusalem Post, May 18, 2009</Ref>

BBC season two series
Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Bex and Chezden Kimbroughs, a Baptist preacher family in Atlanta, Georgia <ref name=bbc03_2>Series 2, BBC3</ref>
2 Peter and Jocelyn Unnikrishnan family in Pune, India <ref name=bbc03_2/> During the show Peter gets a tattoo from an unlicensed parlour, thus putting him at risk of contracting HIV. The production staff intervene, fearing for his safety.
3 Hannah and Leigh Selelo family in Botswana <ref name=bbc03_2/>
4 Hannah and James Mormon Peck family in Utah <ref name=bbc03_2/>
5 Gemma and Jack Orthodox Jewish Sha-ked family in Israel <ref name=bbc03_2/> Gemma refused to abide by the rules and was asked to leave. The hostile youth culture in the country broke her and she returned later <ref>Meet the BBC's strictest mom - an Israeli, by Sharon Kanon, Israel21c, July 02, 2009</ref>. The episode was received with some criticism <ref>World's Strictest Parents: Israel episode, By Miriam Shaviv, The JC, November 16, 2009</ref>
6 Debbie and Daniel Hajjars, Sunni Muslim family in Lebanon <ref name=bbc03_2/>
7 Rosie and Calvin Perez family in Belize <ref name=bbc03_2/>
8 Kaya and Jay The White family in Oklahoma <ref name=bbc03_2/> Kaya choosed to leave early as result of experiencing the youth hostile culture which left her in jail for some hours. She describes the experience as horrible <ref>Teens from World's Strictest Parents Last Names?, Yahoo answers</ref>
BBC season 3 series
Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Wes and Tamsin Loperleveille family in New Jersey, United States <ref name="uk3">Series 3, BBC3</ref>
2 Nicole and Nathan Harris family in Barbados <ref name=uk3/>
3 Nicki and Jerri De Zylva family in Sri Lanka <ref name=uk3/> This episode was with two girls instead of a boy and a girl
4 Anastasia and Eden Armstrong family in Florida, United States <ref name=uk3/> This episode featured the Edgewood Children's Ranch‎
5 Rosie and Nick Hill family in Puerto Rico <ref name=uk3/>
6 Scott and Billie Mugaza family in Kenya <ref name=uk3/>

United States

Country Music Television - series
Episode Teenagers Family Notes Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Brittani and Ivan Vinton Family in Southern California<Ref name="cmt">All episodes, CMT homepage</Ref> 9 Aja and Alex Bolton family<Ref name=cmt/>
2 Reed and Jessica Hatcher family in Tennessee<Ref name=cmt/> 10 Jennifer and Chad Bilben family<Ref name=cmt/>
3 Ricky and Katie McCuin family in Tennessee<Ref name=cmt/> 11 Sadie and Nick Wright family<Ref name=cmt/>
4 Whitney and Stephen Helton family in Tennessee<Ref name=cmt/> 12 Audrey and Brent Manning family<Ref name=cmt/>
5 Julie and Sebastian Cork family in South Georgia<Ref name=cmt/> 13 Jackie and Spencer Knight family<Ref name=cmt/>
6 Adele and Garrett Morrison family<Ref name=cmt/> 14 Mackenzie and Ian Bouldin family<Ref name=cmt/>
7 Desiree and Brian Rutherford family<Ref name=cmt/> Brian remained firm to his own
values and left during the show
15 Cristiana and Ronnie Gentrup family<Ref name=cmt/>
8 Arielle and Tyler Forsyth family in Arkansas<Ref name=cmt/> 16 Karli and Zach McCormick family<Ref name=cmt/>

Unlike the original series the teenagers remained in their own country and another difference were that their own parents came for them and evaluated the stay with the host family.

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