The Brown Schools

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Checked November 7, 2010 | }} Opened | }} 1940 <ref>Back to the roots, archived version of the homepage of the organization</ref> | }} | }} Closed | }} 2005 | }}

The Brown Schools was a national chain of treatment facilities for kids with emotional and behavioral issues.

The first school was founded in 1940 by Bert Brown and his wife.

They decided to go out of business due to a number of lawsuits in 2005.

They purchased a controlling interest in the CEDU chain in 1998 and ran it until they closed.

Programs and boarding schools[redigér]

In 1999 the organization ran the following schools, hospitals and programs beside the CEDU branch:

Name State Opened Closed/Sold Name State Founded closed/sold
Brown Schools at San Marcos <ref name="ser">Services and locations, archived version of the homepage of the organization</ref> Texas 1940 ? The Brown Schools at Cedar Springs <ref name=ser/> Colorado ? ?
The Brown Schools of Idaho (Gooding) <ref name=ser/> Idaho ? ? The Brown Schools of Montana (Deer Lodge) <ref name=ser/> Montana ? ?
The Brown Schools of Oklahoma <ref name=ser/> Oklahoma ? ? The Brown Schools Community Living Programs (Austin) <ref name=ser/> Texas ? ?
The Brown Schools Hill Country Place (Austin) <ref name=ser/> Texas ? ? The Brown Schools Rehabilitation Center (Austin) <ref name=ser/> Texas ? ?
The Brown Schools at The Oaks (Austin) <ref name=ser/> Texas ? ? The Brown Schools of Dallas County (Dalles) <ref name=ser/> Texas ? ?
Cypress Creek (Houston) <ref name=ser/> Texas ? ? The Harris County Charter Schools (Houston) <ref name=ser/> Texas ? ?
West Oaks (Houston) <ref name=ser/> Texas ? ? OnTrack (Wilderness program) (Mason) <ref name=ser/> Texas ? ?
The Brown Schools at Laurel Ridge (San Antonio) <ref name=ser/> Texas ? ? Cumberland, A Brown Schools Hospital for Children and Adolescents (New Kent) <ref name=ser/> Virginia ? ?
The Brown Schools of San Juan (Guayama)<ref name=ser/> Puorto Rico ? ?


In a Dateline NBC article it is mentioned that a least 5 children had died caused by poorly executed restraints in the years between 1988 and 2005. <ref>A father's quest, by Kotb, H, A DATELINE NBC Story, July 31, 2005</ref>. One of the deaths took place at the wilderness program named On Track Wilderness

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