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The Aspen Institute for Behavioral Assessment is a intense clinical program where teenagers can be detained and diagnosed.

The facility is located on 2732 West 2700 South, Syracuse, UT 84037 (Not far from Island view, which offers a long term treatment program in the same kind of surroundings.

Program Structure

According to the webpage the program is 6 weeks.

They offer two kind of services.

  • a) They serve as backup, if a detained child in an other program needs to be detained in a hospital environment.
  • b) They are able to detain a child delivered direct from home and diagnose the individual until they have found the program, which could suit the economical profile of the parents.

There are offering an intense weekly program of therapy, which according to their webpage are:

Individual Therapy 3 X 40 min.per. week
Group Therapy 5 X 50 min.per. week
Family Therapy/Consultation (On-site family therapy required) 1 X 50 min. per. week
Chemical Dependency Group 2 X 50 min. per. week
Activity/Recreational Therapy
Leisure Education 1 X 1 hour per. week
Recreational Therapy 1 X 1 hour per. day
Diversionary Activities 1 X 1 hour per. day
Cardiovascular Activities 1 X 1 hour per. day
Structured Classroom Learning 5 x 4 hours per. week
Nursing Services
Primary Care and Medication Administration 24 hours per day/7 days per. week
Psychiatric Services
Psychiatric Rounds conducted by a board certified Psychiatrist 3 x per. week
Milieu Therapy
Informal Milieu Groups including Activities for Daily Living Daily

Level system

They have two levels at the facility:

  • Level 1 refers to a those detainees that is resistant to the process.
  • Level 2 refers to a those detainees, who are working the program. When reaching level 2 daily privileges are given.


The forum Fornits are investigating whether this facility is a new Brightway - a cover-up for an intake center at a compeditor closed by the authorities.


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