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Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Sue Scheff (? - ?) is the head of Parent's Universal Resource Experts, Inc. (PURE).  

Today it is watch organization, which monitor the behavior modification industry.


As a mother of a daughter, she though had some problems, she detained her child - Ashlyn - by WWASP.

However, she found out that the concept of the program was not to help the team, but to brainwash both the child and parent into believing that they all learned something. So she pulled her child and started the watch organization.

But she did more than that. Parents came to her and asked her advice about where to detain their children and using the same level of research, she used when she found a place for her own child, she recommended several facilities.

Some of these facilities got hit by both criminal investigation and private lawsuits.

It made some of the other watch-organizations look at Mrs. Scheff as a competitor to referral firms rather than a watch-organization.

Lately she had broken a lot of her connections with various facilities in order to appear as a watch-organization. However some referal business is still conducted according to the menu "What can we do for you".

She have been involved in lawsuits, which she succesful have won. She has also managed to stop a French documentary about WWASP and her activities.

In 2007 she attacked the web-forum: Fornits, which had kept records about her past co-operation with the industry.

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