Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Soltreks, Inc. is a firm offering Wilderness Therapy programs for families with at-risk children or adults seeking adventure.

They are based in Minnesota.

They were founded in 1997. Normal capacity pr. group is 6 teenagers. The program last between 6 and 8 weeks <ref name="natsap">Program details on NATSAP</ref>.


They offer a number of wilderness programs:

  • One-on-One trek
  • Summer Adventure Program (Time-limited program lasting 6 weeks)
  • Open Enrollment program (Lasting 6 to 8 weeks depending of determinded goal)
  • Family treks (Lasting 4-7 days or longer)
  • Specialty Treks (Man - woman), Father-son, Mother-daughter, team-building for firms


The author Jacquelyn Mitchard went on a short 8 days wilderness trek after she had banished her son to such a trip. Unlike the experience her son must have experienced not knowning when to return home, she could comfort herself based on knowledge about when ordeal was over <ref>The Call of the Wild: A Wilderness Retreat, By Jacquelyn Mitchard, More, April 2007.</ref>

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  • Info: Homepage of the program
  • Info: My Soltreks Experience - Ed from Louisiana (Last name on file) Note: The article should have been named: My Daughters Soltrek experience because the author was home in his warm living room while his daughter was subjected to the wilderness - article from - industry marketing firm
  • Info: LIFE AFTER SOLTREKS, article from - industry marketing firm


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