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Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Skyline Journey was a behavior modification program using wilderness therapy as programming method.

It closed down due to the burden of the investigation into the death of Ian August in 2002 <Ref>Five teens have died in programs since 1990, AP news (Reprint from Salt Lake Tribune)</Ref> <Ref>After a teen's death, a wilderness therapy program heads to court, Salt Lake Tribune (Reprint from the homepage of the Cult Awareness and information centre)</Ref>.

The charges against Mark Wardle was dropped and the other staff member originally charged - Leigh Hale - was cleared because she got a deal where she agreed to testify against Mark Wardle <Ref>Utah's residential treatment programs: Eight dead kids and counting..., by Aramis, The Wasatch Watcher, October 13 2007</Ref>.

The some of the leading staffmembers Lee Wardle and Mark Wardle are now operating the Distant Drums Beginnings Wilderness program.

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