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Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Silverado Academy formerly known as Silverado Boys Ranch is a behavior modification facility located on two gender separated campuses near Panguitch, Utah <Ref>The boys campus on Google Maps</Ref><ref>The area around the girls campus on Google maps</ref>

The boys program was founded in 2006 and the girls campus did open in 2009.

The length of the program is between 9 and 12 months <ref name="faq">FAQ, homepage of the program</ref>

September 2011 none were answering the phones. The present status of the program is unknown <ref>HEAL-online Newsletter, September 23, 2011</ref>

Parents of the teenagers who had been forced to live at the ranch sued the management for neglecting to supervise the employee who was charged with rape of the teenagers <ref>Boarding School Accused of Abuse Coverup, by Jonny Bonner, Court House News, June 27, 2011</ref>

Program structure

The program use a level system ahortend to TRUST<ref name=faq/>. Some of the levels are known under the names:

Newsletters on the homepage speak of a additional phase called Transition.

Level Code Level Name
T Truthful
R Responsibility
U Understanding
S Serving
T Tenacious (T2)


Only supervised calls are allowed until the teenager reachs the T2 level. From then on the teenager may conduct unsupervised calls <ref name=faq/>.

Visits are alloweed once the teenager reachs the T(truthful level). Parents are encouraged to participate in a parent seminar before the first visit.

Parents seminars

Parents seminars are held 4 times per year at locations outside the campus. A hotel called Ruby's Inn and a restraurant called The Flying M.


In 2008 the police arrested a staff member charging him with identity theft <Ref>2 are arrested in ID thefts, by Ben Winslow, Deseret Morning News, March 17 2008</Ref>

In 2011 the police charged a counselor for alleged sexual relations with at least 10 students <ref>Attorneys claim 10 sex abuse victims at school just 'tip of the iceberg', By Pat Reavy, Deseret News, June 23, 2011</ref>. Later families sued the program because they didn't supervise and monitor their employees so the situation could have been avoided <ref>Families sue Utah school over alleged sex abuse by counselor, BY MELINDA ROGERS, The Salt Lake Tribune, June 23 2011</ref>

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