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Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Second Nature Wilderness Program is a behavior modification program using a wilderness therapy concept.

The program was founded in 1998.

The program has a targetgroup, which are described as teenagers of both genders aged between 13 and 17 <Ref>Program data on NATSAP.</Ref>

The average length of the program is 3 to 7 weeks.

Program structure[redigér]

The week consist of Layover days and Activity days. On Activity days the detained teenagers hike or are otherwise active. On Layover days they receive therapy or are being examined by doctors. Time are used for mail and food.)

Each group are gender separated and consist of 8 members.

Level System[redigér]

The program have 5 levels.

  • The first level is called Earth Phase. Here the detained teenager has to accept the banishment to the program and learn to comply. They are isolated from the other teenagers in order to increase pressure. This phase is expected to last 24-48 hours. The keywords for this phase are Orientation and Acceptance.
  • Level two - called Fire Phase - starts when the detained teenager has accepted his or her banishment from the family as punishment for whatever sacrilege they have committed. During this phase they are slowly being integrated into a peer group and given assignments within the daily framework. The keywords are Accountability and Engagement.
  • Level three is named Water Phase. During this phase they have to show leadership skills while they continue their own work. The keywords are Investment and Insight.
  • The forth level are the Air Phase. The student are given leadership assignments as using a compass and a map. The keywords are Insight and Responsibility.
  • When the detained teenager has gone through all the phase they enter the Transition Camp where focus are put on what to do after the program. The parents are invited to be a part of this work, which have four items on the agenda:
    • Relapse plan
    • Family therapy work
    • Future plan
    • Leadership

Not all of the detained teenagers are rewarded with permission to be allowed home after the stay. Teenagers, who have been detained at this program have been sent to a large number of facilities, among them Carlbrook and Coral Reef Academy - some for years.

Other programs[redigér]

The owners also offer two other programs.

In the News[redigér]

A father and a son has sued the program for abduction. The boy was living with his mother when he was taken to the wilderness program <ref>Kidnapping Isn't Therapy, Dad & Son Say, by Nick Divito ,Courthouse News Service, July 03 2013</ref>

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