Pittsburg Youth Academy

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Pittsburg Youth Academy is a behavior modification program located in the Northern California.

They detain youth between 8 and 18.

Program structure[redigér]

They offer two programs, a outpatient solution and a aftercare program:

A weekend boot camp[redigér]

  • 1) This program last from checking in on Friday at 5:00pm to checking out on Sunday at 5:00pm. They describe the program as stated on their homepage.

The youth then proceed into the gym area. The rules are read to them and the life skill sessions begin. We address such issues as anger management, academic awareness, self-esteem, family functioning, delinquent behavior, drugs and alcohol, pregnancy preventon, gang intervention, leadership, and many other life skill subjects.

The parents are urged to dress the children in way so the staff can search their bodies quickly <Ref>Application Cover page, program homepage</Ref>.

7 or 30 day and residential programs[redigér]

During a stay in these program the detained youth receive physical training each morning or when the drill instructor deems necessary. The detained youth are given three meals a day.


They also offer a Home Behavior Inspection Service where a staff member can be hired to come to the home and create a boot camp atmosphere in the home.

The name of their aftercare program is H.Y.P.E (Helping Young people Excel). This program last up to 6 months and consist of bi-weekly meetings.


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