Phoenix Outdoor

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Phoenix Outdoor is a behavior modification program marketed as a wilderness program. The main office is located on 363 Graphite Road, Old Fort, North Carolina <Ref>The area around the main campus on google maps</Ref>.

The address is shared with SUWS of North Carolina and a coaching firm founded by Taylor Wood, who was a former detainee from the program. He is now offering coaching to the teens <Ref>SUWS Graduates Return to Work and Act as Mentors to Teens in Wilderness Therapy, Alternative summer Camps</Ref>

It was founded in 2005 <Ref>Phoenix Outdoor Opens Base Camp and Operations Center Near Asheville, North Carolina, Press release published on Globe Newswire</Ref>.

The targetgroup is youth between 13 and 17.

The length of the program is 21 days minimum.

Program Structure[redigér]

The program starts at the base camp and then the teenagers are sent on wilderness treks on pre-approved rutes <Ref>The Phoenix Outdoor Program, homepage of the program</Ref>.

Living standards[redigér]

While at the base camp the detained teenagers sleep at tent platforms. If the weather is bad they can sleep in a student lodge where bathrooms also are used when they return from wilderness treks. All the rooms have alarms, so the teenagers can be "contained" <Ref>Base Camp Facilities, homepage of the program</Ref>.


One of the founders moved on and founded yet another program <Ref>Ashville House, a thread on Fornits webforum</Ref>


July 2009 three of the detained teenagers in the program managed to run away. Two where captured <Ref>One teen runaway found, two missing, By Richelle Bailey, Mcdowell News, June 9 2009
Runaway from Phoenix Outdoor Wilderness, a thread on Fornits webforum</Ref>.

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