Pacific Quest

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Pacific Quest Wilderness program is marketed as a short term wilderness program. Is is suspected to be a behavior modification program.

One of the employees speak of the program to be a residential therapeutic center with organic gardens<Ref>letting go., hummingbird words - blog</ref>.

It is located along the north side of Kaalaiki Road, approximately 6,500 feet mauka of State Highway 11 and Honuapo Park (Whittington Park), Honuapo, Ka'u, Hawaii <Ref>The area in which the facility is located</Ref><Ref>MINUTES OCTOBER 22, 2004 </Ref><Ref>A regularly advertised hearing on the application</Ref>

They are able to detain 16 teenagers aged between 13 and 17.

The average length of the program is 60 days.

Program structure[redigér]

The program basically consist of maintaining the primitive farm, therapy, outings to the beach as reward and a solo experience for 1-2 days alone as it is used in wilderness therapy programs.

The parents are expected to follow the instructions in the Parents manual<ref name=p/> and if possible to participate in a two-day workshop parent workshop<ref name=p/> and weekly phonesessions with the therapists <ref name="p">TO PARENTS, homepage of the program</ref>.


The teenagers are using material from Blueprint Education which is an online curriculum <ref>ACADEMICS, homepage of the program</ref>

Living Conditions[redigér]

The teenagers sleep in a cabinlike dormitory <ref>EXERCISE AND SLEEP, homepage of the program</ref>

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