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Obsidian Trails Outdoor School was a behavior modification program using wilderness therapy as a tool.

It did open in 1998 <Ref>New Perspectives - Aug, 1998, strugglingteens.com, industry marketing firm</Ref>.

It was operated in relationship with a company called "The Back In Control Center". The name of the manager was Gregory Bodenhamer.

Program structure[redigér]

They offered two programs:

  1. 45 - 90 day ordinary wilderness program
  2. 21 day program called The Obsidian Trails Behavior Assessment Program

In the news[redigér]

After a death in 2000 where 15 year old William H. Eddie Lee died their licence was rewoked <Ref>Charge in Wilderness School Death, The Associated Press, September 20, 2000 (Reprint from project Nospank) </Ref>. A staff member was charged after this incident.

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  • Info: Death Trip - Wilderness therapy programs claim they'll straighten out your troubled teen with tough love and survival training. Some kids never come back, By Paige Bierma, CONSUMER HEALTH INTERACTIVE
  • Info: Mother of dead camper sues Bend outdoor school - Lynn McAward files a $1.5 million dollar suit against Obsidian Trails in the death of her son, William "Eddie" Lee, By STEVE LUNDGREN Correspondent, The Oregonian, Wednesday, January 17, 2001 (Reprint from COALITION AGAINST INSTITUTIONALIZED CHILD ABUSE - referral firm)
  • Info: Deadly Discipline?, Some say unregulated wilderness schools are a threat to troubled teens' lives, By Gordon Gregory, Correspondent, The Oregonian, Saturday, February 12, 2000
  • Info: To: Mr. Hardy Myers, DA., strugglingteens.com - industry marketing firm.

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