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Checked September 27, 2010

New Vision Wilderness is a wilderness program located in Wisconsin.

It was founded 2007 <ref name="au">About, homepage of the program</ref>

The targetgroup is teenagers of both genders aged 12 to 17

Every expedition is single gender <ref name=au/>

The founders has worked in business before they started this firm<ref>

Drew was owner of Midwest Outdoor Experience, an adventure-therapy based intervention. In addition Drew was a key experiential programming staff at Rogers Memorial Hospital. Steve was the director of one of Milwaukee’s largest outpatient clinics and had operated Eagle Vision Wilderness program which offered intensive psychotherapy within the wilderness setting.

</ref> <ref name=au/>.

Program structure[redigér]

They run a number of programs. They use a level system where newcomers enter at Robins. They can advance to Hawk, Falcon and Owl <ref name="strug">Visit reports, - industry marketing firm</ref>.

Program name Program overview Program name Program overview
21 days wilderness expedition

<Ref>21-Day Expeditions with New Vision Wilderness., homepage of the program</ref>
(length can be adjusted
if the teenager resist the treatment)

Program includes
-solo challenge.

Day 1-3, Orientation (regional)
-Initial Assessments
-Develop treatment plan
-Program orientation

Days 4-8 Immersion
-Get into the wilderness
-Development of hard skills
-Team Development

Days 8-13 Breakthrough Phase
-Increase therapeutic impacts (increased therapist contact)
-Begin reflection process
-Individual Development

Days 13-15 Solo Challenge
-Intensive 2-3 day wilderness solo

Days 15-20 Reliance Phase
-Group is more self-sufficient at this point
-Peer leadership with staff guidance. Peer run groups.
-Service Project.

Days 20-21 Final Transition
-Discharge planning
-Family day

Family Programs<ref>Family Programs at New Vision Wilderness., homepage of the program</ref>
Can be:

-single family
-multi-family wilderness therapy trips
-post-expedition expeditions family
and parenting groups

Increasing family communication skills.
Identifying problematic family patterns.
Examining family roles; healthy and problematic.

Family Constellation Work
Family Systems Education and Intervention
Family Emotional Literacy Training

Leadership Development Program<ref name="miscp">School Programs, homepage of the program</ref> Includes:
experiential workshops
-leadership development curriculum
-low ropes course
-extended wilderness trips
Truancy Abatement Program<ref name=miscp/> Focuses among other on:
-family’s view of education
-school stressor identification
-stress management
Result of analyze will be shipped to the school for further action

skills development while immersed in a wilderness setting.

At-Risk Youth Program:
Master Minds Violence Prevention/
<ref name=miscp/>
Focuses among other on:
-family systems
-anger management
-Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse
Expulsion Diversion Program<ref name=miscp/> Typical lasts 5 or 7 days
Among issues which can be dealt with are mentioned
-Master Minds Rage Management
-Alcohol Abuse intervention
-Other Drug Abuse intervention

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