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This facility is currently being investigated by the Fornits Webforum

Mountain Park Academy was/is a behavior modification facility locaded near Patterson, Missouri <Ref>The facility on Flash Earth, known address is 444 Plessinger Road, Warfordsburg, Patterson, Missouri 17267</Ref>

They were able to detain 40+ boys and 200+ girls at the facility.

Even though the academy seems no longer to exist, investigation is ongoing about ABM Ministries being a new version of this facility based on the content of their student / parent handbook having the same layout.

Program Structure[redigér]



This facility use corporal punishment

According to World Corporal Punishment Research (Corpun) the paddle the detained teenagers.

Chief among them is Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy near Patterson, Mo., a ministry that shut down in Mississippi in 1986 after years of abuse allegations, legal proceedings and a court order to remove all of its students.

More than two dozen former students interviewed by the Post-Dispatch say they were mistreated by the ministry. Some -- particularly those who attended in Mississippi -- recount heavy paddlings, and many women say their menstrual cycles were interrupted at the school, presumably because of stress.


  • Mountain Park will take your teen against their will and brainwash them.
  • Allegation of using Cult tactics, the facility is not a cult but they use Cult tactics <Ref>Rick A. Ross Institute about Mountain Park Boarding Academy</Ref>.
  • Forced to attend church and 24/7 exposure to Mountain Parks way of teachings.
  • Locked facility, Surrounded by Tall fences topped with Barb-Wire.
  • Lack of medical care read more
  • No medications given out
  • Former Students Claim Daily abuse by staff of Mountain Park (read the Stories here)
  • Violent crimes at Mountain Park (there was a murder at Mountain Park)
  • Lack of certified teachers
  • Mountain Park is not state certified
  • Parents are expected to sign a document that states that Mountain Park is not going to be help responsible if the Diploma from Mountain Park is not honored anywhere.
  • Diploma may not be honored at local school, or college upon return from Mountain Park
  • Your child is not allowed to call out (phones are password protected) so they can not even call for help (911) in case of a emergency or when they are abused by the staff.
  • All communications are censored both mail and telephone.
  • You can only call your child for 10 min every 2 weeks (even those calls are monitored)
  • All mail is monitored: incoming and outgoing and all must go throughout the parents.

In the news[redigér]

An investigation into a murder was done in 1996, where William Andrew Futrelle II was found dead with his throat slashed <Ref>3 Being Held in Boarding School Death, By Tim O'Neil with Patricia Rice, Susan C. Thomson, Victor Holland and Reshma Memon Yaqun, St. Louis Post, March 28 - 1996 (Reprint from Rick A. Ross Institute)</Ref>. They have also been involved in a lawsuit <Ref>Kaufmann vs. Mountain Park Academy, (7 Plaintiffs in this lawsuit) Case # 103cv00105cas, Filed September 24, 2003 - reprint from Project Nospank</Ref>

After the closure work is done to unite the former students of this facility and Palm Lane Academy in Florida <Ref>Mountain Park Boarding Academy, Myspace account</Ref>.

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