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Monarch school was marketed as a therapeutic boarding school but suspected to be a behavior modification facility. It was located outside Heron in Montana <Ref>The facility on Google maps</Ref>

The length of the program was 18 to 20 months.

Program Structure[redigér]

The program shared similarities with the behavior modification program once used by CEDU. One of the founders graduated Rocky Mountain Academy - a CEDU program <Ref>Schools & Program Visits - Feb, 2002, - industry marketing firm</Ref>

The students were grouped in "Peer Groups" with 15-17 youths, which were on the same level in the program.

Living Conditions[redigér]

There were male and female dorms on opposite sides of campus. Each dorm had a Dorm Head, they were in charge of the typically 4 other students in the dorm. Everything in the dorms must be left exceptionally clean every morning before leaving the dorm. The dorms were then checked by a higher level student and they see if they could find 3 things wrong with the dorm (pants not folded into thirds, sheets not pulled up over top of comforter, shoes not lined up, toilet tissue not folded into a little triangle at the tip for ease of tugging) then the dorm was in. If the dorm in question was found messy by the designated dorm checker the whole dorm or a single student of being called out and humiliated in front of the entire school at a meal time. Most dorms shared a bathroom with another dorm. They were in the same building connected by a shared bathroom with 3 shower stalls and 3 toilet stalls. every Saturday we were made to deep clean the entire campus and staff members would come in and inspect every square inch of the dorm. Curtis Foster (a peer group leader) repeatedly made me clean the toilets with my comet, a rag and my bare hands, insisting that I get my hand down the flush hole as far as I could so I could get it all clean as he stood over me and watched. <ref name=f/>


School took place Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There were 3 classes every school day and the youth were able to get through their credits faster there because of the schooling through the summer and the shorter terms. Also at night the youth were required to sign up for 2 creative arts classes so they were technically taking 5 classes all while learning nothing. The curriculum were claimed to be incredibly easy and dumbed down. The staff that had attemped to revamp the School half of Monarch School quit out of frustration because all of the focus was on the "emotional growth" cirriculum. <ref name=f/>

When the youth weren't going to school (which was all but 9 hours per week) they would work in work crews or on our own if they were in trouble. The youth would attend group sessions twice per week, (each was 2.5 hours long) where youths and staff alike would get their scream on at each other. (more specifically would verbally abuse one another and themselves sometimes for the entire duration of the group). The youth were forced to say things like <ref name=f/>:

  • I tell myself I'm stupid
  • ITMI not good enough ITMI [negative this or that specific to the person] (fat, ugly, unwanted, etc.)


A former resident gave this testimony on the Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora <ref name="f">Monarch School ATTENTION, a thread on the Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora</ref>

The types punishments were immense. I had to dig out a stump that weighed around a ton by myself, I was not allowed to talk to, look at or even acknowledge any of my peers even staff members besides the headmaster Tim Earle and my Peer Group Leader Sarah Loseman for about a week or two at one point. I was usually restricted to talking to only certain students during my time there, they would put me on bans from my friends just to break me down.

The biggest punishment for me though was having to go through the workshops again when they dropped me from my original peergroup. I had to go through all of the brainwashing, boundary breaking and physical and emotional abuse all over again. they would also take away whatever was important to you (guitar, art, books, knitting - you name it) just to keep you down.

We were not allowed to do anything "out of agreement". "out of agreement" or OOA was just monarch bullshit for "against the rules". There was no actual list of what was in or out of agreement, it was just based on what Tim Earle said, but mostly on what the other asshole students and staff would hold you to when you were around them. so pretty much all music was OOA and talking about it, playing it on an instrument, humming, singing or even casually referencing it would get people on your ass instantly saying "you can't say/play/hum/sing/think that". anything out of agreement we did we were supposed to remember and write down on an "OOA list" any time we were asked to do so, so we could then make up for everything on that list by doing "consequences" like doing dishes or digging out stumps.

The real thing they didn't want anyone to talk about were the insights or workshops. these were the same as all of the other cedu type school workshops just with different names. they would lose it if you were to share what happened in the insights. I even found an insight manual one time for the 3rd insight called Unity. I think this is the equivalent of the "friends" workshop but i'm not sure. there was a whole bunch of talk about "no man is an island" and stuff. they have since stopped doing the workshops and from what I have heard (which isn't much) they do group 3 times per week.

if there is any other information on this shithole that would be helpful please let me know as I would be glad to help as well as ask around about it.

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