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The facility was placed on 2416, 340th Street, Keokuk, Iowa 52632 <Ref>The facility on Google Maps</Ref>. The former director - Brian Vaifanua - of the now close Paradise Cove has been sighted on the facility and is also reported as the owner <Ref>Area reps hold auditions for upcoming film, by Brennan Umthun/Staff Writer, Daily Democrats, November 8 2007</Ref>. The owners at the closure are mentioned to be Midwest Twister and Prestige Funding <ref name=dec2017/>

It used the WWASP level system. It was placed in a remote area with desert around it. Nearest town is Keokuk and it is placed almost at the end of the runway of Keokuk Municipal Airport.

The also had a smaller department called Midwest Treatment Center. It was located on 2818 Highway 218 in Montrose <ref name=J2016/>.

Program structure[redigér]

When the facility was opened they made used of the level system used in any facility operating under the WWASP umbrella.

After WWASP was restructured they continued to maintain a very structured environment, but the exact nature of the program is not known as the student manuals were not online.


  • October 2008: After several facilities have closed in the recent years, the management had to deny the rumors about a future closure <Ref>Trane says Midwest Academy isn't closing, by By Diane Vance/Gate City Staff Writer, Daily Gate City, November 4 2008</Ref>. According to the management the present number of detainees are about 144.

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