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Marvelous Grace Girls Academy is a correctional boarding school where parents can send their girls for the purpose of behavior modification. The targetgroup for the boarding school is girls only aged between 12 and 17 <ref name=faq/>.

The length of the program is 12 months minimum <ref name="faq">Frequently asked questions, homepage of the facility</ref>

The facility is located in Pace, Florida<Ref>The Florida facility on Google maps</Ref>. The Campus was previous used by the New Beginnings Girls Academy until they moved to Missouri.

The campus in Florida is now managed by an Evangelist called Steven Blankenship. Beside the facility he also preach at a ministry in Pell City, Alabama where he speaks out against drugs, satanism, evolution and Harry Potter<ref>Truth 4 Teens website</ref>.

Program structure

They use a level system with five levels. They are as of august 2010 <ref name="level">Our program, homepage of the facility</ref>:

Level number and name Level number and name Level number and name Level number and name Level number and name
1: Amethyst 2: Opal 3: Sapphire 4: Emerald 5: Ruby

Each level that the teenage girl works to attain, will reward her with special privileges only allowed on that level. While the staff help the teenage girl to maintain her focus on getting to the next level, but the teenage girl will have to earn it! Each teenage girl will according to the website be treated equal and expected to do her very best! The goal is to learn or relearn the girls detained at the facility the importance of taking responsibility and respecting authority. Emphasis is placed on the teenage girls responsibility toward God and her parents, as well as every action affects others beside herself <ref name=level/>.


The facility uses the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) workbook curriculum provided by School of Tomorrow <Ref>Accelerated Christian Education</Ref> <ref name=faq/>. School of Tomorrow requries that just one person in an entire school be "certified" to use the curriculum. This certification is NOT from any state agency. It is issued by School of Tomorrow. This enables schools to use the curriculum without having any certified teachers by the State.


Parents are welcomed to send her letters anytime they wish. The teenage girl will be given time to write you letters once a week. The girls at the facility do not have access to the Internet, however, if parents would like to email their letter or even a short greeting on any given day, the staff will give it to their daugther <ref name=faq/>.

No contact for the first 30 days. From then on a 15 minute phone call every two weeks. Calls are only accepted from the legal guardian which makes the facility a useful tool after a divorce <ref name=faq/>.

After six months of stay at the facility, the teenage girl is granted a 3 Day, 2 Night visit with her Family. During this time, the teenage girl may not leave the State of Florida. Attendance to ALL Church Services are required during the visit <ref name=faq/>

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