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The Marita Center was a rehab facility located south of the town of Naestved on Sealand <ref>The facility on Google Maps</ref>.

It was run with a Christian view.

Program structure[redigér]


The teenagers were admitted to the facility by the authorities in their hometown. Before entering the facility the local authorities has to work out a plan for the stay with goals. This plan will be adjusted during the stay.

Daily schedule[redigér]

  • 07:00 Wake / bath
  • 07:15 Breakfast
  • 07:40 Leaving the facility for school or work. On days with no work / school: Doing chores, shopping for food, training in a local fitness center.
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 - 16:00: Doing chores. Cleaning up in rooms, washing clothes, doing homework
  • 16:00 Group meeting in living room to evaluate the day or discussing problems.

Misc. rules[redigér]

  • Treat everyone with respect - both inside and outside the facility.
  • Smoking is only allowed outside
  • Alcohol is not allowed on the property
  • Taking drugs is not allowed and can risk in calling the police or being expelled.


The teenagers have to attend a public school in the neighborhood. The facility assist with help to homework.


The local authorites pay about DKK 42,892 per month per teenager.

In the News[redigér]

A 38 year old staff member was accused of having sex with three girls including a girl aged 14 when the incident took place <Ref>Paedagog: Jeg er uskyldig, (Staff member: I am innocent), by Søren Langhorn, TV2East, May 16 - 2007</Ref>

He was sentenced to a year in prison and lost the right to work with youth for two year. He also had to pay DKK 15,000 and DKK 25,000 to two of the girls, he had sex with<Ref>Sex med teenagepiger gav et år, Sex with teenagers resulted in a year in prison</Ref>.

He was not convicted of rape as the sex was regarded as voluntary but in Denmark it is against the law for a person working as guardian to engage in relationship with children, he has responsibility off.

2014 it was reported that the facility would close. Former employees have stated some kind of critism and it made the owner close the facility <ref>Opholdssted for kriminelle børn og unge er gået konkurs, by Mia Than West, Sjællandske Nyheder, 1. december 2014 </ref>

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