LUC Boys Ranch

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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LUC Boys Ranch (LUC=Lives under construction) has been analyzed to be a behavior modification program. It is located near Lampe in Missouri <ref>The campus on Google Maps</ref>

The targetgroup are youth aged between 12 and 17 <ref>Boys Ranch Says Authorities Were Notified Within Hour of Teen Runaways, By Kevin Schwaller, Ozark First, February 5, 2013</ref>

Program structure[redigér]

Awaiting investigation


Two boys who were held at the ranch ran away. They were arrested and near the place of the arrest two people was found dead. The two boys were held in connection with the investigation into these deaths <ref>Update: Double Homicide Suspects Ran Away from At-Risk Boys Ranch, KOLR10 Newsroom, Ozark First, February 1, 2013</ref>

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