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Kemper Military School was a military school that closed in 2002. For the history of the campus the years between 1844 and 2002, it is recommended to check out the links of the article about the school on Wikipedia. A documentary was also filmed about a cadet <Ref>The Making of Private Fisher,</Ref>

After the closure in 2002, a group of people related to WWASP tried to buy the campus. Their offer was turned down by the Boonville City Council <Ref>Utah-based group under fire -Legislation targets association of schools for troubled youths, By Amy Joi Bryson, Deseret Morning News, Published: Thursday, April 21, 2005</Ref>. It is called the WWASP-school-there-never-was. Among the possible founders was Randall Hinton, who later was co-founder of Royal Gorge Academy.


Some of the campus is rented out to local organizations, but most of the buildings are empty. A research team investigating historical building visisted the campus in 2006 <Ref>Wellington Military Academy, Underground Ozarks</Ref>.

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  • Info: Utah-based group under fire - Legislation targets association of schools for troubled youths], Deseret Morning News/April 21, 2005, By Amy Joi Bryson (Reprint on the webpage of the Rick A. Ross Institute)

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