Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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VisionQuest is a organization, which operate a number of behavior modification facilities in several States.

The organization was founded in 1973 by Bob Burton <ref name="his">History, homepage of the organization</ref>

They run a number of both residential and home based programs in several states. Depending of each program they accept both court refered and private paid clients.

They are mentioned in relationship with one of the judges in Pennsylvia involved in the Juvenile Court Scandal in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania <Ref>A family’s nightmare - Plymouth girl, her parents upset with treatment she’s received in her nine months in state custody, By John Davidson, Times Leader, October 29 2006</Ref>.


  • In 1979 CBS made a documentary named "The Wagon Train Trial" featuring group of teenagers on the wagon trail - among them a young lady named Tracy Marasco <ref name="movie">If I could, Movie homepage
    Film Depicts Mother’s Search For Compassion in MH System, by Eve Kupersanin, Psychiatric News, July 5, 2002</ref>
  • In 1980 one of the ships at their Seaquest division downed in the Gulf of California <ref>Little hope held for 8 missing in Baja, The Prescott Courier, November 30, 1980</ref>. 7 teenagers died.
  • In 1982 Tammy Edmiston fell from a wagon and died <Ref name="iamjustakid">I was just a kid, (Death list)</Ref>
  • In 1984 Mario Cano died in a boot camp ran by the organization <Ref>Mario Cano - Find a grave</ref>. Also Leon Anger died in 1984 at another of the facilities they ran <ref name=iamjustakid/>
  • In 1989 Danny Lewis died at one of their facilities <Ref name="holy">Holy the Children (death list)</ref>
  • In 1990 John Vincent Garrison died at one of their residential facilities <ref>RIP, Face the issue blog</ref>
  • In 1991 an article tell how teenagers from the Wagon Train did break into a local school <ref>On the Trail With the Rough Riders - VisionQuest's Rugged Wagon Train Gives Teen Felons a Long, Bumpy Look at Reality, by Beverly Beyette, Los Angeles Times, December 01, 1991</ref>
  • In a 1994 article in Washington Post a boy tells that the counselors at the Florida wagon trial used the N-word at him <ref>A Grandson's Problems Start Early, Washington Post, Rosa Lee's Story: The Series, September 18-25, 1994

    As far as he was concerned, the counselors and wagon masters had nothing but contempt for black kids like himself. "There's a lot of prejudice there," he said. "They used the word, 'nigger.' A lot of them are from Georgia, and a lot of them are from Tennessee."
    He said some tobacco-chewing counselors would get so close to him that they would spray brown spittle on his face as they yelled at him. He got into a fight with a wagon master for choking him and leaving marks on his neck.

    Also in 1994 Carlos Ruiz died at one of their facilities <ref name=iamjustakid/>
  • In 1995 Dawnne Takeuchi fell of a wagon much like it did happen to another girl 13 years before <ref>DEAD TEEN'S CASE CLOSED: Involved adults walk, every one, Project Nospank</ref>
  • In 2002 there was made a follow-up to the 1979 movie. It was named "If I could" <ref name=movie/>
  • In 2006 there was a riot in one of their facilities in Pennsylvania <ref>Several hurt in fight at VisionQuest, by Vicky Taylor, Public Opinion, Chambersburg PA, May 8, 2006 (Re-print from Coalition against Institutionalized Child abuse)</ref>

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