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JAM Youth Connection, Inc is a community based organization formed in 1994. They run several programs aimed for behavior modification.

Overview of programs[redigér]

Short term programs[redigér]

They have three short term programs described as "scared straight":

  • Wilderness Program: (Ages 06-15 CO/ED) From the homepage

This prevention program is beneficial for youth that are in need of a wake up call. Youth who attend this program spend an entire weekend in a very rigorous and demanding wilderness environment. The youth reside in military style tents and sleeping bags. All food is prepared by each individual in an outside pit. Youth experience a true reality check as they tour a local jail and morgue. Youth are given missions and are expected to carry them out with diligence, high regard and motivation. Unwanted behaviors are quickly addressed and redirected. Youth attend group counseling every night. Throughout the weekend experience, youth are shown positive ways to deal with real life situations.

Following the weekend experience youth will be required to meet with a drill instructor for weekly supervision for three months. This phase of the program that has been designed to help empower parents as they endeavor to maintain the positive attitudes and behaviors that their youth have learned during the weekend experience. After care is vital to these experiences. Parents who see a change in their child often feel that this component is not necessary. A parent should not elect to participate in any program without supervision.

  • Specialized Summer Program: (Ages 06-14 CO/ED) From the homepage

This specialized program is structured in the home since true behavior is displayed in one's own environment. A behavioral plan is created with the parent and child, consisting of academic requirements, chores, and specific duties to be completed daily. A Drill Instructor will monitor compliance weekly. Appropriate consequences and reinforcers will be set by the instructor accordingly. During the span of the program the child will attend a 12 hour wilderness program and visit the local jail.

  • Toddler Camp: (Ages 04-09 CO/ED) From the homepage

Toddler camp is a prevention program is for small children displaying at-risk, rude and disrespectful behaviors. The intent of this program is to help struggling parents with younger children tiring to find their way and resting to authority. This program will help gain respect and discipline in younger children that insist doing things their way. The program starts off with a 12 hour wilderness experience which is uncomfortable. The intent is to teach appreciation what they have and respect for those providing their daily needs.

Following the 12 hour experience, youth will be required to meet weekly with a drill instructor for one month.


They run a military styled dayschool called the Elite Leadership Military Academy. It is or ages 8 to 15. It is presently (September 2008) under investigation for alleged child abuse <Ref>Mother Claims Son Was Abused At S. Fla. School, Director Says School Is 'Behavior Modification' Program, NBC-6, September 12 2008</Ref>.

Boarding school[redigér]

They operated a boarding school with the name Sister Soldier Military Academy. It closed after reports of alleged child abuse <Ref>Army-style girls' school shuts doors, By Carol Marbin Miller, Miami Herald, June 1, 2005 (reprint from projekt Nospank)</Ref> <Ref>FORT LAUDERDALE `BOOT CAMP' - Loophole let school avoid regulation, By Carol Mabinmiller, Miami Herald, June 2 2005 (reprint from projekt Nospank)</Ref>.

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