InnerRoads Wilderness Program

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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InnerRoads Wilderness Program is a part of the non-profit organzation Youth Homes, Inc, who offers a behavior modification service for lower-income families.

The target-group is youth aged 14 - 17.

Unlike most programs in order to detain a teenager, this teenager must have at least one adult guardian who commits to doing his or her own therapeutic work in the program and to participating fully in all parent and family activities.

While most programs which charge families 250-350 dollars per day, this program targets low-income families.

It was founded in 2001.


The program consist of two components.

A 30 days wilderness hike ending with a solo-task where the teenagers is out in the wilderness alone.

A community part where the youth will work around a place called Randolph Homestead <Ref>Randolph Homestead on Google maps</Ref>. This part last about 2 weeks. While being working the teenager is being teamed up with a mentor, who will follow the teenager as a after-care program for one year.


An article explain how the program was founded <Ref>Wilderness program helps kids make better choices — Michael Hudson's therapeutic retreat has 12 of 15 teens returning to family life, by LORI GRANNIS, Western Montana, Inbusiness weekly, november 2007</Ref>

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