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Heaven's View Christian Boarding Academy is a behavior modification facility located on 25300 Rio Road, Richland, Missouri.

The program can detain 80 girls aged between 12 and 17.

Construction of the dorms started in 2001.

Program structure[redigér]


No contact with the detainees the first 30 days. After this period of isolation, where they may not speak or look at anyone, the detained girls may receive calls from home every two weeks for 10 minutes. But the right to calls can be revoked if the staff orders it. Phone calls are monitored until the resident has reached a certain level. The resident is not allowed to ask their parent to go home, or tell the parent if they don't like the boarding school. If they do, the phone call can be immediately terminated.

Parents are allowed to visit their daughter after 3 months. However the visits can also be terminated by decisions of the staff.

Home visits are decided by the staff <Ref>FAQ page from the facility</Ref>.


Students can be punished for things big to small. There have been many incidents where a student has only answered a rhetorical question, or slumped in their chair, where they have gotten punishments, including "Restriction". There are a few levels of restriction, such as Tan, Probation, Orientation, and Red.

On Tan, the resident must wear a tan shirt, and not have contact whatsoever with anyone around them. No talking, no eye contact. They must sit in an "office", or a grey box shaped desk with walls surrounding, about 4'X 2' in long and wide. No books are allowed to be read other than the Bible, and you must get your food last, or when you are called, with the other members who are being punished. Tan has lasted from a couple hours to a couple months. There have been girls on tan and red for up to 6 months, with maybe a few days in between of not being on tan. Orientation is pretty much the same. The only difference is you wear a white shirt. When a student comes to the school, they are put on Orientation.

Red is also the same, but you also may have your mattress taken away, or may be fed only bread and water.

Probation, you is like tan, but only for most of the hours of the day. There are times during 6:00 - around 8:00 where you are allowed to participate with the rest of the school on free time and talking.


The bathrooms do not have doors on them. The shower stalls are all in the open, unless you have a staff bathroom, which can be hard to get, and usually you get one if you constantly refuse to go into a open stalled shower.

They will say to cover up when you are in the pool and make a very large deal of this, yet you have no privacy in these showers or bathrooms.


The rooms are cleaned every day as chores, and thoroughly so this is a very clean environment. There ha been one time where around three fifths of all students have gotten sick at one time, but other than that, there has next to never been anyone sick, of even a cold. Though, there has been records of avoided appointments for contaminated water in the system for a couple months, which was required to be drunk 6 1-liter glasses a day.

The food is very healthy, and is prepared by two profesional cooks. It is well balanced and very satisfying.


The facility uses the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) workbook curriculum provided by School of Tomorrow <Ref>Accelerated Christian Education</Ref>. School of Tomorrow requries that just one person in an entire school be "certified" to use the curriculum. This certification is NOT from any state agency. It is issued by School of Tomorrow. This enables schools to use the curriculum without having any certified teachers by the State.


The detainees are mandated to attend the church - Grace Covenant Christian Center - the facility works with regardless of their religious belief, though the students are not required to be Christian. They are, however, required to respect the religion.

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