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Grey High School is a combined day-school and boarding school located in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa <Ref>The School on Google maps</Ref>


The school was founded by Sir George Edward Grey, Governor of Cape Colony. The moto of Grey High school is Tria Juncta in Uno meaning 'three joined in one — spirit, soul and body'.

The school today[redigér]

There are over 880 boys including 140 boarders. The Grey Institute also includes the attached Grey Junior school with roughly 700 pupils. The school is currently under the leadership of rector Mr Neil Crawford.

Living Standards[redigér]

The borders who has to live at the school must endure:

Meriway House has eight large dormitories which caters for 11- 16 students. In addition to this there are four smaller dormitories which sleep 4, 5, 6 and 7 students respectively. All prefects have their own 2/3 bedrooms which are located close to the dormitories for control purposes.

Each bed has built in drawers under the bed and a cupboard at the end of the bed. This is standard for all beds in Meriway House


They teach a curriculum which is approved by the government in South Africa.

Dress code[redigér]

The impose a strict dresscode.

Hair cut[redigér]

The rule book speaks of regular hair cuts <Ref name="genrule">General Rules, homepage of the school</Ref>, however they also mention that they respect different choices of religion <Ref>Pastoral Care, homepage of the school</Ref>. Hair cuts means a lot in relationship with different belief and in the Television broadcast about two Australian teenagers, one of the teenagers was asked to cut his hair without being asked whether it would be a conflict with his personal belief, so there are conflicting chapters in the handbook.


The school use inhouse detention. A hug warning to families are that they ask parents to accept any punishment without questioning the legitimacy of the imposed sanction.

Students may be placed on detention on Friday afternoon as punishment for misbehaviour. The maximum length of the session will be 2 hours. For more serious offences, students may be placed on Saturday night detention for 3 hours. Parents are asked to be supportive of staff in this regard.

In the media[redigér]

The school was used as punishment in the second episode the Australian version of the TV-show "The world's strictest parents".

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