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Explorations is a summer wilderness program located in Montana. They run a number of treks every season.

The year 2010 season was stated to be <ref>2010 Big Sky Summer Adventure Program at a Glance, homepage of the program</ref>:

Name of Course Start date End date
Pre Summer Rolling enrollment starting May 17th Not stated
Girls Summer Wilderness Adventure Course Arrival June 25th Departure, August 15th
Older Boys Summer Wilderness Adventure Course #1 Arrival June 23rd Departure August 13th
Younger Summer Wilderness Adventure Course #2 Arrival June 21st Departure August 11th
Women’s Empowerment July 8th August 1st
Personal Leadership July 6th July 26th
Post Summer August 11th September 6th

The base camp is near Trout Creek in Montana <ref>The Base camp on google maps</ref>.


One of their employees left to work for Riverview Academy

Unlike most programs in the business parents can join the teenagers on their hikes if they have their own equipment <ref>FAQ, homepage of the program</ref>.

2011 a woman was attacked by two runaways from this program. They were given 10 and 15 years in prison <ref>Prison ordered in attack on Bonner County woman, By KEITH KINNAIRD, Bonner County Daily Bee, September 8 2012</ref>. One of the runaways was later released on probation af serving 18 months <ref>Teen who assaulted Idaho woman released from jail, KTVB news, February 9 2013</ref>

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