Eckerd Youth Alternatives

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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This facility is currently being investigated by the Fornits Webforum

Eckerd Youth Alternatives are a behavior modification programs using the concept of wilderness therapy. The target group is teenagers aged between 10 and 17 <Ref>Info about the program, on NATWC</ref>

They receive both private referred clients and state referrals.

Florida Programs[redigér]

State referrals[redigér]

They have both residential programs and outdoor programs

The residential facility is named Brooksville Facility It is located on 201 Culbreath Road in Brooksville

As of November 2011 there are two outdoor programs left in Florida. They are:

  • Floral City Facility, 7027 E. Stage Coach Trail in Floral City
  • Milton Facility, 3112 Friendship Road in Milton

Private referrals[redigér]

The residential treatment center is called Eckerd Academy <ref>Homepage of Eckerd Academy</ref>. It is located on the address: 397 Culbreath Road in Brooksville.

In the News[redigér]

In 2007 3 boys ran away from one of the facilities <ref>Whereabouts of missing Eckerd camp boys still unknown, By John Harbin, Times-News Staff Writer, July 11, 2007 (re-print from HEAL-online)</ref>

March 2009 the wilderness program called Camp-E-Tu-Nake was closed down <Ref>Camp E-Tu-Nake falls victim to state budget cuts, By Christian Jennings, WALB News, March 10 2009</Ref>.

In 2011 additional 3 camps were to close down <ref>Eckerd camp to close, Wilkes Journal Patriot, April 15, 2011</ref>

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