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Distant Drums Beginnings was a behavior modification program using wilderness therapy as programming method.

It was founded by Lee Wardle and Mark Wardle. Mark Wardle used to work for the Skyline Journey wilderness program and was charged in relationship with the death of Ian August 2002. He later worked for Sagewalk<Ref>Five teens have died in programs since 1990, AP news (Reprint from Salt Lake Tribune)</Ref> <Ref>After a teen's death, a wilderness therapy program heads to court, Salt Lake Tribune (Reprint from the homepage of the Cult Awareness and information centre)</Ref>.

It was founded in 2002 <Ref>Wilderness Therapy Camps, Salt Lake Tribune, August 2008</Ref>.

The admission office was located in Nephi, Utah.

They could detain 30 teenagers at the same time and the program are 28 days minimum but usually last about 45 days.

Program structure


They also run a program for young adult between 18 and 30. Unlike the teenagers these are voluntary participants.


According to an article in Salt Lake Tribune where some of the detainees were able to escape the program <Ref>Wilderness Therapy Camps, Salt Lake Tribune, August 2008</Ref>.

Recent Utah Office of Licensing records: In February 2007, two campers stole a truck from a back-up driver who was delivering batteries. The truck was later recovered at one of the teens' California homes, and they were dealt with by authorities there. The camp revised its policies on transportation and the driver resigned.

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