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Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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This page consist of a number of expressions used in the industry:

Expression Explanation
ADHD Illness <ref>Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Wikipedia</ref>. Difficult to diagnoze, which have send too many on medication, when they have other issues they should have been treated for instead. Some of the medication used for treatment can be used as doping in academically settings.
Holiday period Refers to the timelength of the changes inflicted by the program. Can last days or weeks. Some of minors returning home will not have this period because they have matured by themselves while they were in the residential setting, a change which they would have undergone regardless of their replacement or not.
Impact letter Letter given to the minor once he or she is arrived at the program. It is actually an intervention done by proxy <ref>Intervention, Wikipedia</ref>. It prevents the relative or parents from dealing with feedback from the minor.
LGAT Stands for Large Group Awareness Training <ref>Large Group Awareness Training, Wikipedia</ref>. The general public have seen the concept being using by time-share seller and pyramid schemes. It is about to get a larger group of people in the right mood, so they can agree on a common goal and feel better when they achieve it. Wrongly implemented it can result in mass hysteria.