Blackwater Outdoor Experiences

Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Blackwater Outdoor Experiences is a behavior modification program using the concept of wilderness therapy. The target group is teenagers and young adults between 14 and 28 <Ref>Info about the program, on NATWC</Ref>.

They were founded in 1980, but their website is not complete with information about the admission process. However they state on their NATSAP page, that they enrollment is voluntary <Ref>Info about the program, on NATSAP</Ref>

Program Structure[redigér]

They offer a 22 days expedition, but also shorter programs.


Information awaiting investigation


Information awaiting investigation


One of their expeditions lost track of a 14 year old boy who walked out of the camp. They didn't notice that he was missing for 3 hours were gone. He was recovered safely sometime later <ref>Boy had walked away from his hiking group, By Preston Knight, NV Daily, July 8, 2010</ref>

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