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Fra Secret Prisons for Teens
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Aspiro Wilderness Program is a behavior modification program using wilderness therapy as programming method.

It is employee-owned by nine managers. Among the leading staffmembers are Randy Oakley, who worked for Westridge Boys Academy

It was founded in 2005 <Ref>About the program, NATSAP</Ref>.

The admission office is located in Hanna, Utah. The base camp is not far from this town.

They can detain 40 teenagers and the program last between 40 and 60 days.

Program structure[redigér]

The detainees start in the base camp where they have to adjust to the wilderness life before going on hikes.

Each hike are different. Among those activities mentioned on the website are:

  • 50 mile mountain backpacking trip
  • 50 mile float trip
  • 30 mile Slot Canyon trip

After each activity the detainees return to the base camp where they stay 24-72 hours before leaving for the next activity.


They also run a program for young adult between 18 and 30. Unlike the teenagers these are voluntary participants.


According to an article in Salt Lake Tribune where has been some problems in the management<Ref>Wilderness Therapy Camps, Salt Lake Tribune, August 2008</Ref>.

Other: In March 2008, the owners of Aspiro sued Oakley, alleging that he had sabotaged a planned sale of the company and brought high-level managers together to purchase it for $825,000, an offer the plaintiffs contend was far below its worth. Oakley described the situation as "we bought ourselves out." The case is pending.

The same article state that they have used areas where they had no permit to operate on:

Recent Office of Licensing records: In April 2008, a group from Aspiro was caught camping without a permit on Bureau of Land Management land. Staff said they were evacuating a student with a frostbitten or pinched foot after a cross-country skiing trip.

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