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Alternative Youth Adventures was a wilderness therapy program that offered behavior modification. It was located near in Montrose in Colorado.

It was started by Aspen Education Group at that time named Aspen Health Group based on the behavior modification methods of Aspen Achievement Academy, but later sold to the present owners <Ref>ALTERNATIVE YOUTH ADVENTURES (AYA), Visitreport from (Industry marketing firm)</Ref>.

The Colorado program closed in 2007 due to a death and the following investigation <Ref>End of an Era, Blog by a former employee</Ref> but reports of departments still operating exist about a program in South Carolina.

In the news[redigér]

In 2001 another branch of the program located in Utah experienced a riot <Ref>Officials investigate youth camp mutiny, Amarillo Globe-News &, July 31 2001
Project Nospank does also have a reprint of this incident mentioning a death in the unrelated ABSRA: Youth Camp Mutiny Investigated, By P. Solomon Banda, Associated Press Writer, The Indianapolis Star, July 30 2001 </Ref>

On May 2 2007 a 15 year old teenager - Caleb Jensen - died in the program. The program claimed that "bad circumstances" caused the death, but his diary, which the staff had access to showed that his suffering started on April 23 <Ref>Bad circumstances’ claimed teen, by Katharhynn Heidelberg, Montrose daily press, August 26 2008
Copy: Bad circumstances’ claimed teen, Webpage of Coalition Against Institutionalized Child Abuse (CAICA - competitor))</Ref>

The state of Utah pulled their teenagers shortly after the death of Caleb Jensen <Ref>Utah kids return from youth camp, Camera &, May 13 2007</Ref>.

July 2008 charges where filed against several staffmembers <Ref>Charges filed over teenager's death at camp, Rocky Mountain News, July 17 2008</Ref>.

In September 2008 the doctor overseeing the program entered a plea of not guilty in the case <Ref>Utah doctor enters plea in wilderness therapy case, by Colleen Locke, News9 KUSA-TV, September 7 2008</Ref> <Ref>Not guilty plea in Montrose camp death, By The Associated Press, Denver Post, September 7 2008</Ref>.

When the official investigation halted the mother filed a civil suit <Ref>Mom sues over son's '07 death in wilderness program, TMCnews, January 23 2009</Ref>.

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